Console or PC gaming?

Do I even have to tell you how much I love to play games? It is my favorite hobby, and whether I am playing video games or casino games using Golden Nugget Bonus Code, you know I am having fun. Among the gaming community, there has been a debate for some time now – console or PC gaming? Both have their upsides and downsides, so, let’s dive in.

PC gamers can customize hardware

You may find a lot of similarities between PC gaming and console gaming. But if you want to customize your hardware, a PC is the way to go.

A mouse and keyboard

The mouse and keyboard are actually the most accurate, comfortable, precise, responsive, and versatile way to control a game. In fact, it’s what professional players use because it’s the best way to play.

PC gamers can play with higher resolutions, better framerates, and better graphics

In terms of visuals, PC games are superior in a number of ways. For starters, you can play at higher resolutions and framerates than consoles. Additionally, PC gamers enjoy better graphics thanks to the sheer power of their machines and their ability to run more demanding software.

PC gamers also have access to online multiplayer functionality that’s more robust than what you’ll find on consoles. For example: If you want to use voice chat with your friends while playing, the only option is using a mic attached directly to the controller itself or using party chat over PlayStation Network (PSN). You can use any headset with an Xbox Live Gold membership but still won’t have access to an app like Discord or TeamSpeak 3 for voice chat. Meanwhile, PC gamers have many options for connecting with other players across platforms without having to buy special hardware first!

Console players save money over time

Have you heard about something called sunk cost fallacy?

Sunk cost fallacy refers to a situation where people invest too much money into something—like buying a new computer or console every few years—and then continue doing so because they feel like they’ve already made an investment in something that they’ll never get back. This means that we often continue spending on things we don’t need just because we’ve already spent so much money on them before!

With consoles, this cannot happen as there isn’t anything else to buy to accompany them.

Multiplayer games are free on consoles

You can play the same games with your friends, but now you can play them with anyone in the world! You don’t have to sit through hours of grinding to unlock characters or pay more money just because you want to play online with someone else. It’s an incredible opportunity for new friendships and rivalries alike. 

Shorter lifespan

One of the biggest drawbacks of consoles is that they have a shorter lifespan than PCs. I’ve owned several different game consoles over the years and each one has had a shelf life of about five years before the hardware became obsolete, meaning new games couldn’t be played on it.