Here is how the power of VR affects the world of Poker

Poker belongs to the group of playing card games that includes strategy, skill, and gambling. There are several different poker games that are distinguished by the number of cards that remain hidden, the number of shared cards, the number of cards dealt and the betting procedures – but mind you, not the same procedures as the ones used when betting with Bet9ja promotion code. Anyways, one of the most popular versions of poker is Texas Hold’em. As a game, poker revolves around psychology, game theory and probability.

From Real Life to VR

Bluffing is considered to be one of the key features of poker. It includes little tells that range from facial expressions to body language or hand gestures, for example. However, albeit not impossible, it was quite hard to convey that range of emotions by playing poker online the old way, by sitting in front of a computer screen. That was until poker got introduced to the virtual reality.

By setting the game of poker in virtual reality, the players can fully immerse themselves into the gameplay. It allows the players a chance to move from tedious gameplay in front of their screens to an entirely new experience. The virtual reality poker games offer different scenery, from prestigious hotels and VIP lounges to luxurious yachts, which only enhances the enjoyment.

The Social Aspect of Virtual Reality Poker

Poker is regarded as a social event. If you have never played it, we’re fairly positive that you have at least seen people do it in the movies and are aware of the boy’s poker night – a few beers or some liquor, some cigars, and everyone’s favorite card game. Poker, as a game, loses its appeal when played online where people can only see other player’s stationary avatars and a number representing money. With virtual reality, we guarantee  that you will have a second-best thing next to an actual poker night.

Get your VR headset, and you can immediately find yourself at the table surrounded by friends or other players.

Above The Rest

One of the most popular virtual reality poker games is Poker VR by Mega Particle, Inc. If you have Samsung Gear, you can play it for free. However, despite it being free, it is reportedly the most profitable free game. It offers in-game purchases such as cosmetic upgrades, in-game power-ups or simply allows you to exchange real life money for the in-game currency.

It eventually rose to be the most popular app in the Gear VR category among 1.000 apps. The standard unit of measurement used by app developers to follow the popularity of their creations is the ARPDAU which stands for average revenue per daily active user. When it comes to Poker VR, it is reported that it made 50 cents on average per user.

Another thing that testifies to the success of Poker VR is the average daily time spent in the game. Players have spent an average of 62 minutes a day playing Poker VR. The social connections made within the game undoubtedly contribute to that.

Given the potential that VR has, it should come as no surprise what we can achieve with it in combination with multiplayer poker. That said, who knows where the limit is.