All Guilds Meeting - April 2017


(04/01 12:59:50)mTX17: shorah wes *Hi5*

(04/01 12:59:52)Korov'ev: Shorah and welcome to the 84th All Guilds Meeting!

(04/01 12:59:57)Max: haiku'sa kaliman come here me banana.... Harry Belafonte

(04/01 12:59:57)enders bows

(04/01 13:00:02)Korov'ev: In the D'ni calendar today is Leenovoo 14, 9672, and the time is 3:14:08:00 (more or less).

(04/01 13:00:11)Korov'ev: As usual, I'll remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(04/01 13:00:15)skuavi II: ah gracias

(04/01 13:00:20)Korov'ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(04/01 13:00:22)Emor D'ni Lap: Who's counting?

(04/01 13:00:38)Korov'ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don't ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a "?" is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(04/01 13:00:46)Korov'ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you're ready for the next question.

(04/01 13:01:02)Korov'ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they've left the stage.

(04/01 13:01:15)Korov'ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of the Meeting will be published in the next few days on the Guild of Messengers website.

(04/01 13:01:18)Boywhith: 6: And don't feed the Bahro's. They ar on a special diet.

(04/01 13:01:32)mTX17 starts to laugh

(04/01 13:01:32)Doobes: Oreos? :P

(04/01 13:01:36)Korov'ev: a macrobiotic one

(04/01 13:01:39)Korov'ev: Following this Meeting, those who need it could gather for an expedition to Tsogal and Delin.

(04/01 13:01:47)Max: no bananas for the bahros

(04/01 13:01:48)Korov'ev: That said, let's get started!

(04/01 13:01:51)Guild of Guilds: B'ahreos

(04/01 13:02:06)Korov'ev: Let's start with an announcement from: Boywhith!

(04/01 13:02:21)mTX17 throws confetti on stage

(04/01 13:02:34)Boywhith: shorah all :)

(04/01 13:02:50)Boywhith: Next Monday I am exact six years here.

(04/01 13:03:17)Boywhith: And, as many I am addicted to MOULa and all what has to do with Myst / Riven.

(04/01 13:03:47)Boywhith: Some of you already know that I have written my own books about the D'ni universe.

(04/01 13:04:06)Boywhith: Now everybody can see and download my books!

(04/01 13:04:25)Boywhith: If you go to the site which streams the music too.

(04/01 13:04:40)Boywhith:

(04/01 13:04:55)Boywhith: Left bewlow you see another button.

(04/01 13:05:11)Boywhith: It said: 'Boywhit's bookshelf'.

(04/01 13:05:26)Boywhith: The you can see all my books.

(04/01 13:05:39)Boywhith: There is one 'but'...

(04/01 13:05:57)Boywhith: Most are written in Dutch.

(04/01 13:06:11)Boywhith: Nevertheless you all allowed to download them.

(04/01 13:06:16)Kayara: cool!

(04/01 13:06:23)Omiahn: thank you!

(04/01 13:06:27)Boywhith: One Book I have written in Dutch and English.

(04/01 13:06:28)Thumbs up from Karel

(04/01 13:06:29)skuavi II thanks you

(04/01 13:06:35)mTX17: WE HOUDEN VAN JE BOYWITH!!

(04/01 13:06:46)Boywhith: That book is interesting too. It is named:

(04/01 13:07:05)Boywhith: Wonderen van D'ni / Wonders of D'ni.

(04/01 13:07:17)Boywhith: I hope you like them...

(04/01 13:07:21)Boywhith: That is all.

(04/01 13:07:22)Rabbit thanks you very much!

(04/01 13:07:26)Boywhith: Questions?

(04/01 13:07:31)Emor D'ni Lap: thank you Boywhith!

(04/01 13:07:33)skuavi II: tomorrow i will see

(04/01 13:07:38)skuavi II thanks you

(04/01 13:07:39)Korov'ev: are you planning on more English translations?

(04/01 13:07:45)Davide: Thanks Boy!

(04/01 13:07:45)Omiahn thanks you very much!

(04/01 13:07:47)Frobozz: Does google translate work?

(04/01 13:07:56)Boywhith: That is a very big task.

(04/01 13:08:11)Korov'ev: I'm aware ;)

(04/01 13:08:12)Boywhith: As I am not totally fluent in English...

(04/01 13:08:39)Boywhith: Much of the original text will be lost (I mean the 'soul ' of the text).

(04/01 13:08:44)skuavi II: good night all have fu

(04/01 13:08:46)skuavi II: fun

(04/01 13:08:49)skuavi II bows

(04/01 13:08:49)Boywhith: So I think no.

(04/01 13:08:54)mTX17: your english language skills are better than my germans, BW

(04/01 13:08:58)Frobozz: a'luego, sku

(04/01 13:09:09)mTX17: laters, sku

(04/01 13:09:11)Korov'ev: Thank you , Boywhith!

(04/01 13:09:13)Boywhith: Thanks, but nevertheless, not enough.

(04/01 13:09:14)mTX17: sleep well

(04/01 13:09:17)skuavi II: hen i wake up :)

(04/01 13:09:17)Boywhith bows

(04/01 13:09:32)Boywhith: No more questions?

(04/01 13:09:45)Korov'ev: not in the queue. Any?

(04/01 13:09:46)Guild of Guilds claps his Babelfish

(04/01 13:10:09)Boywhith: ok. Thank you!

(04/01 13:10:27)Korov'ev: This month has quite a few events in store!

(04/01 13:10:35)Korov'ev: Let's learn more about them from Max!

(04/01 13:10:58)

(04/01 13:11:11)mTX17 throws bananas on stage

(04/01 13:11:11)Korov'ev: don't breake the podium!

(04/01 13:11:24)Korov'ev: *break

(04/01 13:11:33)Max: would you believe... if I said it's my birthday today?

(04/01 13:11:45)Max: and that I'm 100 years old....

(04/01 13:11:53)Doobes: O_O

(04/01 13:11:53)angelmyst: its after Fools jokes after noon.

(04/01 13:11:53)Boywhith: Still so young?

(04/01 13:11:57)Max: not bad, huh?

(04/01 13:12:02)Korov'ev: Grumpy Cat says: no.

(04/01 13:12:11)mTX17: :)

(04/01 13:12:19)Max: anyways... In short... Friday April 21 st is the D'ni New Year. So there are plans to have a New Years Party! I've posted a topic about it with a preliminary schedule in the MOULa Forums. Feel free to add any ideas you might have to that

(04/01 13:12:36)Max: As anybody willing to contribute or arrange something on 21 st is welcome to do so. You could be one of our DJ's and Stream Music. Do a Quiz or a Marker Game. Do a Dance Performance. Schedule in Pod Portal Parties. Tell Stories. Anything goes!

(04/01 13:12:58)Max: The following Saturday April 22 nd is the International Mother Earth's Day and there's also a posting about it. I think we should also celebrate that. That will also be the intended Musical theme for Saturday's Event. The Earth. Nature. Seas. Skies. Stars. Wildlife... Use your imagination!

(04/01 13:13:21)Max: So we'll celebrate both of these with Musical Events and Parties! This will at the same time be a little Anniversary Party for the International's Hood.

(04/01 13:13:42)Max: Locations are still open for discussion and To Be Decided [TBD]. So get in touch either with me [Max] or TrapperDave and let us know what you intend to do. When and Where. So we can put you in the preliminary schedule that's up on the MOULa Forums. First come first served.

(04/01 13:14:17)Max: and to add to that, Joker and Davide and who else? we can have a chat after AGM

(04/01 13:14:30)Max: T

(04/01 13:14:37)Max: This is still very much in the planning stages. But if there's any questions... go ahead.

(04/01 13:14:49)Max: that worked...

(04/01 13:15:04)Korov'ev: no questions in the queue. Any?

(04/01 13:15:11)Max: and that's it for me, now....

(04/01 13:15:17)Max bows

(04/01 13:15:21)Korov'ev: Thank you Max!

(04/01 13:15:37)Max: ugh... laggy

(04/01 13:15:53)Korov'ev: it's the crowd, so a good lag!

(04/01 13:16:04)Korov'ev: And speaking about parties...

(04/01 13:16:11)Doobes: First person...face the floor...worked for me all the time. ;)

(04/01 13:16:11)Korov'ev: Davide has a stream to announce!

(04/01 13:16:31)Davide: Shorah

(04/01 13:16:36)Davide: Just a quick announcement.

(04/01 13:16:41)mTX17 throws bomboloni on stage

(04/01 13:16:51)enders claps herhands

(04/01 13:17:00)Max: no bombs...

(04/01 13:17:25)Davide: Oops, sorry, copy and paste didn't work :9

(04/01 13:17:41)mTX17: jelly donuts, max

(04/01 13:18:04)Davide: On thursday april 13

(04/01 13:18:14)Kayara: mTX: jelly BOMBS!!! :D

(04/01 13:18:15)Rabbit approves of jelly donuts

(04/01 13:18:22)mTX17: rotfl

(04/01 13:18:34)Davide: I will stream "Music for the Kings"

(04/01 13:18:51)Davide: a selection of music composed for royal ears

(04/01 13:19:07)Davide: Meet at the Hall of Kings

(04/01 13:19:11)Kayara: WOW

(04/01 13:19:17)Davide: 13:00KI

(04/01 13:19:32)Davide: That's all :)

(04/01 13:19:35)Max: bring your ears with you.... royal or not

(04/01 13:19:39)Boywhith: Nice!

(04/01 13:19:42)mTX17: :)

(04/01 13:19:48)Omiahn: excellent :)

(04/01 13:19:48)Davide bows

(04/01 13:19:50)Korov'ev: Questions?

(04/01 13:20:06)Korov'ev: Thank you Davide!

(04/01 13:20:10)Emor D'ni Lap applauds

(04/01 13:20:37)Korov'ev: Time for some news!

(04/01 13:20:48)Korov'ev: Let's welcome rarified!

(04/01 13:20:57)mTX17: YEHAW!!!

(04/01 13:21:02)rarified waves hello

(04/01 13:21:11)Emor D'ni Lap applauds again

(04/01 13:21:13)rarified: Shorah all!

(04/01 13:21:42)rarified: I've been able to spend much more time then usual this month on Uru, with good results.

(04/01 13:21:58)rarified: Two main topics for discussion.

(04/01 13:22:28)rarified: 1) The pipeline for client fixes is about to be cleared and they're being prepared for sending to Cyan.

(04/01 13:22:41)Doobes: Yay!

(04/01 13:22:46)rarified: Real. Soon. Now. And I hope it is not in "Cyan Time" :)

(04/01 13:23:05)mTX17: proud of you :)

(04/01 13:23:12)rarified: You can see what has been fermenting in our batch on Minkata at

(04/01 13:23:47)rarified: oops, finger fault.

(04/01 13:23:56)rarified:

(04/01 13:24:35)rarified: There are quite a few fixes there, including ... tantalizingly ... a change to the client's button to create a new account.

(04/01 13:24:48)Guild of Guilds: haha

(04/01 13:25:05)rarified: This doesn't mean Cyan is waiting for us to turn it back on, but it is one thing on the checklist.

(04/01 13:25:18)rarified: So look for an update to the Client soon.

(04/01 13:25:26)rarified: Secondly, on fan content work:

(04/01 13:25:49)rarified: We have been working with Doobes' age on the Minkata-beta shard and uncovering

(04/01 13:26:10)rarified: a lot of things that needed adjusting. We're working through those that we can

(04/01 13:26:38)rarified: before we go back to Doobes (Hey there!) and ask for any changes that might be needed

(04/01 13:26:46)rarified: to start working on a feed to Cyan.

(04/01 13:26:56)Doobes gives rarified a "deer in headlights" look...then smiles :D

(04/01 13:27:08)rarified: I put that work on a lower priority a couple of weeks ago to get the client

(04/01 13:27:29)rarified: ready to send to Cyan, but now will return to the fan age work.

(04/01 13:28:16)rarified: Hopefully we will be able to reach out and interact with Doobes on chat (Discord)

(04/01 13:28:32)rarified: in real time soon. When we're sure we can get his age reliably loaded

(04/01 13:28:37)Doobes: I'm on there, so we'll set it up soon. :)

(04/01 13:28:56)rarified: we will ask him to join us on the Minkata beta shard, to check things out

(04/01 13:29:14)rarified: and then, we'll announce general availability to the Beta shard.

(04/01 13:29:39)rarified: Many thanks to Christian Walther for jumping back into the frying pan

(04/01 13:29:52)Max: hot stuff

(04/01 13:29:53)rarified: and working on both logistics of the client update as well as

(04/01 13:30:12)rarified: working with Doobes' age.

(04/01 13:30:28)rarified: And thanks again to the fan testers who jumped back in when we

(04/01 13:30:41)rarified: announced on the OU forums the new client news.

(04/01 13:31:06)rarified: That's all I have for announcements. Minkata is running what will soon be available on MOULa

(04/01 13:31:15)mTX17 ignites the confetti cannon (doomsday edition) *fizzle* *fizzle* BOOOUUUMMMM!!!! ..?!? *glork* ... not my best idea today ... *grabbing some patches*

(04/01 13:31:15)rarified: if you want to check things out.

(04/01 13:31:20)Guild of Guilds: this is all very exciting

(04/01 13:31:28)rarified: Questions?

(04/01 13:31:29)Emor D'ni Lap: Sounds like Very Real Progress, rarified! Thanks...hopes are high once again.

(04/01 13:31:44)Korov'ev: Our next question is from Rabbit.

(04/01 13:31:45)Korov'ev: [Rabbit] I've noticed that many new ages have such severe lag that I can not play them, when Cyan ages of equivalent complexity, play smoothly. Why is that?

(04/01 13:32:24)rarified: I can't say yet, since we don't have any of them running on Minkata. I would have to "instrument"

(04/01 13:32:39)Korov'ev: optimization, likely

(04/01 13:32:42)rarified: either the client or server (or both) to get a handle on what is going on.

(04/01 13:32:56)Rabbit: ahh

(04/01 13:32:58)Rabbit: thanks

(04/01 13:33:01)Rabbit: optimization!

(04/01 13:33:03)rarified: If it does happen when we bring in a new age, that should be on my list ot things to do .

(04/01 13:33:11)Doobes: Plus it depends on the Age and what tricks of the trade were used (or not used) to optimize.

(04/01 13:33:13)Rabbit: thank you!!!

(04/01 13:33:27)Korov'ev: Seeing as we just had a server crash: is the fix for it included in the Client update?

(04/01 13:33:38)rarified: lol

(04/01 13:34:07)rarified: I'm not sure it's client based, perhaps we can add an IM feature to the Cyantists ;)

(04/01 13:34:46)Korov'ev: I mean the fix to avoid the crash when the status server is down

(04/01 13:35:13)Emor D'ni Lap: the server that crashed is the Authorization Server, which is entirely under Cyan's control and I think a different entry procedure from Minkata?

(04/01 13:35:15)rarified: Oh, yes, the fix for the client hanging/crashing when the status is unavailable is in this batch.

(04/01 13:36:10)rarified: Next?

(04/01 13:36:18)Kayara: jippieh!!!

(04/01 13:36:18)Korov'ev: other questions?

(04/01 13:36:26)Korov'ev: Thank you rarified!

(04/01 13:36:34)rarified bows

(04/01 13:36:38)Tai'lahr: Wow, you guys are just chugging right along.

(04/01 13:36:55)Korov'ev: Fan content has been mentioned, so who might we be calling now?

(04/01 13:37:01)Guild of Guilds applauds wildly

(04/01 13:37:04)Rabbit: Thanks so much!

(04/01 13:37:04)Korov'ev: But of course, let's welcome Master Doobes!

(04/01 13:37:05)Doobes: Tweek? :P

(04/01 13:37:06)Emor D'ni Lap gives rarified Major Kudos

(04/01 13:37:08)Doobes: Oh wait...

(04/01 13:37:11)Doobes looks around

(04/01 13:37:30)Doobes: Hey everyone!

(04/01 13:37:31)Korov'ev: where is Tweek when you need him?

(04/01 13:37:34)mTX17 throws stuffed animals on stage

(04/01 13:37:39)Frobozz hay

(04/01 13:37:46)Doobes: He's a more "behind the scenes" guy. ;)

(04/01 13:37:57)Korov'ev: indeed!

(04/01 13:38:15)Doobes: If you're on Facebook, I do encourage you to look up his new page, Beneath: Ages ot Tweek. He's putting out some amazing screenshots of his work. ;)

(04/01 13:38:18)mTX17: bait him using sweets

(04/01 13:38:39)Doobes: Now then, on to my silliness...

(04/01 13:38:44)Doobes: Sorry if I've been a bit out of the loop lately, but real life has that way of doing that. Just know that it's for a good reason, which is helping good friends of mine out with important things.

(04/01 13:38:56)Doobes: I've finally gotten a bit of time to stop in and let you know that, although it's been quiet lately, things are still cooking with the fan library.

(04/01 13:39:13)Doobes: I believe the majority of the structural modeling and texturing is complete. Now comes the finer details...mainly the tons of books that will populate the shelves. ;)

(04/01 13:39:28)Rabbit: lol

(04/01 13:39:30)Doobes: Luckily, someone's been helping me on creating various book textures, so things won't look too similar.

(04/01 13:39:49)Doobes: So once things settle down here in RL a bit, I should be able to get back to work on that.

(04/01 13:40:05)Doobes: Along those lines, I also will be getting back to the OpenUru team to help get the new Pub working properly on their Minkata beta shard, which will hopefully work out any and all kinks in getting fan-created Ages into the prime Minkata shard and, eventually, MOULa itself.

(04/01 13:40:21)rarified nods

(04/01 13:40:24)Doobes: Sounds like they're almost ready for me to join in, so we'll work out a proper time to do so.

(04/01 13:40:31)Rabbit: cool!

(04/01 13:40:34)Doobes: Definitely not going to be an easy process, but I'm willing to put in the work where I can.

(04/01 13:40:44)Rabbit: you mean even bunneh will be able to walk around the pub?

(04/01 13:41:14)Doobes: With alOne can only hope. The biggest challenge for Age builders is to balance pretty visuals with performance. Never an easy task. ;)

(04/01 13:41:30)Rabbit nods gravely

(04/01 13:41:30)Doobes: Ew....copy/paste FAIL. Hehehe.

(04/01 13:41:33)Doobes: Anys...

(04/01 13:41:36)Doobes: With all that in mind, I ask that you continue to donate to the CAVCON to keep things humming around here.

(04/01 13:41:46)Doobes: I know account signups for the main MOULa shard are still down, but it sounds like Cyan is intending to get to that at some point in the near future.

(04/01 13:42:02)Doobes: In the meantime, you can enjoy the other shards where signup IS online to see where MOULa will eventually go...if all goes well, of course.

(04/01 13:42:20)Doobes: And that's all from me. Still around, still workin'. Any questions?

(04/01 13:42:30)Korov'ev: none in the queue

(04/01 13:42:36)Rabbit is grateful

(04/01 13:42:39)Korov'ev: any?

(04/01 13:42:42)Rabbit thanks you very much!

(04/01 13:42:49)Max: the kicked the Auth Server going today... A Big Thanx to ResEng Mike Dogherra for that

(04/01 13:42:49)Doobes: Go ahead...just shout 'em out. :D

(04/01 13:42:50)enders claps rabbits hands

(04/01 13:43:01)Korov'ev: Our next question is from Emor D'ni Lap.

(04/01 13:43:01)Korov'ev: [Emor D'ni Lap] question for Doobes: when you've learned about the stumbling blocks for placing Explorer Created Content on Minkata, could you please pass these along to the community?

(04/01 13:43:06)Seiji: Really :D

(04/01 13:43:07)enders clap her hands

(04/01 13:43:07)Rabbit thanks Dogherra

(04/01 13:43:26)Doobes: But of course! Just like I've been documenting Korman's functions, I shall do so for making Ages MOULa-ready. :)

(04/01 13:43:53)Doobes: Note that the export I gave OU is a Korman export, so hopefully that'll help streamline things.

(04/01 13:44:08)Doobes: Oh, one more thing...

(04/01 13:44:26)Doobes: Still planning on attending Mysterium and giving an Age Building presentation using Korman. Hope to see you there...or at least online. :D

(04/01 13:44:36)Rabbit: ooooh

(04/01 13:44:49)Doobes: Just need to fill out the event registration form.

(04/01 13:45:00)Doobes: And failing that, I could always harass OHB. XD

(04/01 13:45:03)Korov'ev: which are now online!

(04/01 13:45:03)Max: ah... we'll get a Mysterium Stream?

(04/01 13:45:18)Doobes: There's usually a stream, although recent years have had some troubles with it.

(04/01 13:45:31)Doobes: Yes, Mysterium registration is also up and running, by and by!

(04/01 13:45:36)Doobes:

(04/01 13:45:58)Doobes: So if you don't mind heading down to Orlando and putting up with folks like me for a weekend, check it out. Hehehe.

(04/01 13:46:18)Omiahn: :)

(04/01 13:46:22)Rabbit thinks it is a long swim

(04/01 13:46:32)mTX17: alright, prepare getting married :)

(04/01 13:46:38)Max: you rent out sleeping bags, Doobes?

(04/01 13:46:39)Doobes: Going to see if I can drag some fellow Messengers there too.

(04/01 13:46:48)Rabbit: : )

(04/01 13:46:58)Korov'ev: it's shaping up as a great Mysterium, this year

(04/01 13:47:00)Doobes: I think I've already got at least one person reserved on my couch. Two if Age can make it down from NJ. :P

(04/01 13:47:05)mTX17: lol

(04/01 13:47:17)Max: buy a bigger coutch!

(04/01 13:47:27)Rabbit: air bed

(04/01 13:47:35)Doobes: I have an air mattress too. They can arm wrestle like true Messengers for it. Hehehe.

(04/01 13:47:42)mTX17: a pullman :)

(04/01 13:48:12)Korov'ev: if there are no more questions...

(04/01 13:48:20)Doobes: But yeah, first weekend in August. Disney is a mere few miles away too if you want to make it a big vacation. ;)

(04/01 13:48:30)Korov'ev: Thank you Doobes!

(04/01 13:48:35)Doobes bows

(04/01 13:48:43)enders claps her feet

(04/01 13:48:53)Omiahn thanks you very much!

(04/01 13:48:59)Emor D'ni Lap says "yay!"

(04/01 13:49:03)Korov'ev: Let's complete the news about Mysterium: the hotel and registration have been announced!

(04/01 13:49:09)Korov'ev: The hotel will be the Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando International Drive Jamaican Court.

(04/01 13:49:16)Korov'ev: They secured an exclusive convention rate of $119/night. To book your hotel room, you can visit the online booking site.

(04/01 13:49:24)Korov'ev: About registration: until June 9th, the cost for a full weekend is $25, and the cost for a full weekend with a t-shirt is $45.

(04/01 13:49:33)Korov'ev: More info on the Mysterium page

(04/01 13:49:59)Korov'ev: Now, we have more fan content news: a new Age, presented by Theo!

(04/01 13:49:59)Doobes: Plus, you get to meet ME. :D

(04/01 13:50:02)Emor D'ni Lap: Korov'ev wins the Cut-n-Paste competition

(04/01 13:50:14)mTX17: lol

(04/01 13:50:23)Korov'ev: heh, I trained intensively

(04/01 13:50:25)enders hesitates n claps anyway

(04/01 13:50:29)Max: who's that ME?

(04/01 13:50:44)Doobes: As in me me...not the Doctor Who character Me.

(04/01 13:50:45)Doobes: ;)

(04/01 13:50:48)Doobes shuts up

(04/01 13:51:14)Korov'ev: we've lost Theo?

(04/01 13:51:22)Theo: I am now in a position to announce that an effort of several years, spearheaded by Jaruku and rocketdog, is now available for general testing and exploration.

(04/01 13:51:32)Rabbit: ooooh

(04/01 13:51:37)Theo: Laki'anay and its dependent

(04/01 13:52:00)Theo: Ages are now open in UAM Shard.

(04/01 13:53:08)Theo: It is our intent to launch them in Uru: Deep Island as well at some time in the near future.

(04/01 13:53:49)Theo: Any questions?

(04/01 13:54:03)Korov'ev: Our next question is from Doobes Korov'ev.

(04/01 13:54:03)Korov'ev: [Doobes] [Korov'ev] where the hell is Theo?

(04/01 13:54:07)Korov'ev: oops

(04/01 13:54:14)Korov'ev: invisibility bug

(04/01 13:54:24)Doobes: LOL! That was actually Kor's question to me.

(04/01 13:54:27)Theo: That explains much.

(04/01 13:54:32)Rabbit: he is on stage next to you

(04/01 13:54:39)Korov'ev: Our next question is from Blake.

(04/01 13:54:40)Korov'ev: [Blake] what is UAM shard?

(04/01 13:54:48)Guild of Guilds: looking very handsome

(04/01 13:54:50)Doobes: Nothing personal...just an occasional bug.

(04/01 13:55:21)Rabbit: it is a nice little shard you should check out ... Korov'ev

(04/01 13:55:43)Theo: UAM, the Uru Age Manager, is a project of Dustin "Dusty" Bernard.

(04/01 13:55:44)Doobes: I'm a little curious myself. I only just been hearing about it and thought it was another name for Deep Island.

(04/01 13:55:52)Rabbit: nopes

(04/01 13:55:58)Theo: There are differences.

(04/01 13:56:34)Theo: One of it's attractions is that UAM shard is all download based, no Uru:CC disks required.

(04/01 13:56:59)Rabbit: AND .... there is an outhouse for your relto!

(04/01 13:57:19)Rabbit: with flowered toilet paper!

(04/01 13:57:31)Frobozz: down that path...

(04/01 13:57:33)Doobes: downloads the regular URU files from somewhere?

(04/01 13:57:36)angelmyst: lol

(04/01 13:57:37)Guild of Guilds: hot and cold running water?

(04/01 13:57:42)Dessi starts to laugh

(04/01 13:57:46)Doobes: (ie Relto, Cleft, etc?)

(04/01 13:57:50)Rabbit: no

(04/01 13:57:50)Korov'ev: does it have a licence for redistributing those files?

(04/01 13:57:55)Theo: UAM shard did keep pace with Deep Island up to about 2013.

(04/01 13:57:57)Rabbit: except the stream

(04/01 13:58:13)Korov'ev: the Uru CC, I mean

(04/01 13:58:19)Theo: At which point Dusty generally retired.

(04/01 13:58:20)CaptainQuery:

(04/01 13:59:31)Doobes: Well, my concern is that, if the main URU CC files are being distributed from somewhere other than someplace Cyan-approved...then that's actually illegal.

(04/01 13:59:45)Korov'ev: indeed

(04/01 13:59:51)Rabbit hands Doobes a DRY blanket

(04/01 14:00:29)Doobes: Fan Ages are OK to distribute wherever, but Cyan's files are a big no-no at the moment.

(04/01 14:00:39)Theo: So far as I understand, Dusty's work preceeded Deep Island, but with more hands on deck, Deep Island launched first. Any other questions?

(04/01 14:01:06)Korov'ev: not in the queue

(04/01 14:01:19)Korov'ev: Thank you Theo

(04/01 14:01:30)Obducted Joker: i have mentioned dance already

(04/01 14:03:08)mTX17: 12

(04/01 14:03:13)mTX17: ops

(04/01 14:03:31)Doobes: I don't know...there's a reason DI requires a valid copy of URU:CC. Otherwise, it too would just get the files from a dedicated server, similar to the fan Ages now. I hate to pour cold water on things, but I am concerned.

(04/01 14:03:31)Theo: Thank you all for your time !!

(04/01 14:03:39)Seiji: I like Fan Age :)

(04/01 14:04:05)Rabbit hands Doobes a bottle of 'ludes

(04/01 14:04:20)Emor D'ni Lap: Doobes, Dustin has been very above-board all the way along.

(04/01 14:04:33)Emor D'ni Lap: Nothing new here

(04/01 14:04:41)Thumbs up from Dessi

(04/01 14:04:46)Korov'ev: alright...

(04/01 14:04:59)Korov'ev: Now... a few updates about Obduction!

(04/01 14:05:08)Korov'ev: Firstly, the Mac version is finally available, on GOG, Steam and the Apple Store!

(04/01 14:05:12)Guild of Guilds: Then it shouldn't be diffficult to find out how it;s organised?

(04/01 14:05:23)Korov'ev: It requires the Metal framework. To check if your Mac supports it, see in Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report > Graphics/Displays; the "Metal: " item should report "supported".

(04/01 14:05:37)Korov'ev: It also requires, as a minimum: Mac OS X 10.12.4, a 4+ threads Intel CPU, 8GB+ RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or Iris 5000/6000 family with 1+ GB VRAM, 20 GB disk space. Basically most Macs after 2011.

(04/01 14:05:45)Doobes: Eh...something still doesn't sit right. Distributing Cyan's files has always been a sticky situation. Just ask any shard admin.

(04/01 14:05:46)Emor D'ni Lap: follow the link posted earlier, it will be apparent

(04/01 14:05:50)Korov'ev: Secondly, HTC Vive support is also available, updated with Touch controls for Oculus Rift!

(04/01 14:06:01)Korov'ev: It's available on GOG, Steam, the Humble Store and the Oculus Store. Players who already own the game on PC or Rift will receive Vive and Rift Touch support for free.

(04/01 14:06:12)Emor D'ni Lap: no one said anyone was distributing Cyan's files, don't know where you got that

(04/01 14:06:33)Korov'ev: Uru CC is still a pay-for product

(04/01 14:07:23)Korov'ev: Well, time to wrap up this meeting!

(04/01 14:07:31)Korov'ev: Here is a summary of this month's upcoming regular events (times in KI time); further info at the GoMe calendar:

(04/01 14:07:37)Korov'ev: Thu 6th is Leenovoo 18, the Day of the Circle, a celebration of the new Guilds originally held by King Ri'neref

(04/01 14:07:46)Korov'ev: Fri 21st is Leefo 1, 9673 DE: happy New D'ni Year! Let's hope it will bring new Ages to the Cavern!

(04/01 14:07:54)Korov'ev: The Guild of Greeters' Hood is staffed Monday-Saturday 13:45-14:15

(04/01 14:07:59)Korov'ev: Sun 2nd, 16th & 30th @ 13:00: Radio Free D'ni, here and in SL

(04/01 14:08:07)Korov'ev: Sun 23rd @ 13:00: Music from the Ages with Karel, The A-Z of Ages (Part Two), in DRC (1059) Bevin

(04/01 14:08:12)Korov'ev: Tue 4th @ 13:00: Karel's Tuesday Folk Club, in UruTuned Hood

(04/01 14:08:18)Korov'ev: Every Wed @ 12:00: NULPsday, in German NULP's Hood

(04/01 14:08:24)Korov'ev: Thu 6th & 20th @ 12:00: Keepin' It Country, stream by Stylus

(04/01 14:08:30)Korov'ev: Thu 6th & 20th @ 17:00: Cavern Stories, resp. in Cavern Events' Hood & Shorah gah bigtotee's Hood

(04/01 14:08:37)Korov'ev: Fri 7th & 21st @ 14:00: Friday Music with JayRho

(04/01 14:08:42)Korov'ev: Fri 14th & 28th @ 22:00: Cavern Tours (gather in Tokota Alley, Ae'gura)

(04/01 14:08:47)Korov'ev: Every Fri @ 16:00: Fil's Music Stream

(04/01 14:08:52)Korov'ev: Sat 1st (in a moment), 15th & 29th @ 12:00: Joker's Dance Parties, in Ae'gura

(04/01 14:08:58)Korov'ev: Sat 15th & 29th @ 13:00: Cavern Tours (gather in Tokota Alley, Ae'gura)

(04/01 14:09:04)Korov'ev: Every Sat @ 16:00: Karaoke Parties, in Karaoke's Hood and in Second Life

(04/01 14:09:08)enders has been scribling ast

(04/01 14:09:10)Korov'ev: Every Sat @ 23:00: r'Tayrtahn's Story Nights, in Tsahno's Hood

(04/01 14:09:17)Korov'ev: And...

(04/01 14:09:31)Korov'ev: ... long pause ...

(04/01 14:09:40)mTX17: *drum roll*

(04/01 14:09:44)Korov'ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for May, Saturday 6th at 13:00 KIt

(04/01 14:09:52)Korov'ev: Again, please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open

(04/01 14:10:00)Korov'ev bows

(04/01 14:10:00)Korov'ev: And with that, the Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, see you next time!