All Guilds Meeting - February 2017


(02/04 13:01:17)Korov'ev: Shorah and welcome to the 82nd All Guilds Meeting! That's almost 7 years...

(02/04 13:01:26)Korov'ev: In the D'ni calendar today is Leevosahn 28, 9672, and the time is 1:10:13:00 (more or less).

(02/04 13:01:35)Korov'ev: More importantly: as you know, today is URU DAY!

(02/04 13:01:49)Korov'ev: Prologue and Gametap MO:UL closed on this day, but the Community held together;

(02/04 13:02:01)Korov'ev: and on this day 7 years ago, Victor Laxman relized there still was Activity in the Cavern.

(02/04 13:02:14)Korov'ev: In four days MO:ULa will be 7 year old, longer than the sum of Prologue, Until Uru, D'mala and Gametap.

(02/04 13:02:28)Korov'ev: The Gehn shard also celebrates its 5th anniversary today!

(02/04 13:02:39)Korov'ev: Before starting, I'd like to remind you the 5 Meeting Rules:

(02/04 13:02:50)Korov'ev: 1. Please *keep chatter to a minimum* while speakers are talking. The occasional comment or emote is fine, but be respectful and let the speaker finish.

(02/04 13:03:09)Korov'ev: 2. If you have a question for a speaker, please don't ask it directly: PM it to me. Be sure a "?" is somewhere in it to properly log the question in the queue.

(02/04 13:03:20)Korov'ev: 3. Speakers, please indicate when you are done speaking and ready for questions, and when you're ready for the next question.

(02/04 13:03:36)Korov'ev: 4. If a question requires a long explanation, we may have to skip it to keep things moving. In that case, you can always PM any speaker once they've left the stage.

(02/04 13:03:48)Boywhith: 5. Never tickle a Bahro!

(02/04 13:03:48)Korov'ev: 5. A summary and a chatlog of the Meeting will be published in the next days on the Guild of Messengers website, so don't worry if you miss something.

(02/04 13:03:56)Korov'ev: that too!

(02/04 13:04:05)Korov'ev: That said, let's get started!

(02/04 13:04:44)Korov'ev: Our first speaker is: Ghaelen!

(02/04 13:04:54)EdisonRex claps, politely

(02/04 13:04:55)Adam {Hoikas} claps his trolls

(02/04 13:04:59)GoMe_Nev'yn checks for PB&J sandwich

(02/04 13:05:08)GoMe_Nev'yn: Okay ready for any bahro visits.

(02/04 13:05:14)ghaelen: Thank you :)

(02/04 13:05:31)ghaelen: Thanks to everyone who has come today for all the festivities

(02/04 13:05:45)ghaelen: Just one annoucement for the Guild of Healers

(02/04 13:06:56)ghaelen: The Explorer Memorial will take place on Tuesday

(02/04 13:07:09)ghaelen: We honor those who have passed since the Cavern was first opened

(02/04 13:07:24)ghaelen: In the City of any Cavern or world, so all can attend

(02/04 13:07:41)ghaelen: 11:30 KI time and again at 6pm KI time

(02/04 13:07:53)ghaelen: please look at the forum for the stream details

(02/04 13:08:08)ghaelen: it will take about an hour, so I hope you can join us for a little while

(02/04 13:08:20)ghaelen: That's all, thank you

(02/04 13:08:26)EdisonRex bows his head, respectfully

(02/04 13:08:39)LuMagic bows

(02/04 13:08:44)Korov'ev: Thank you Ghaelen!

(02/04 13:08:54)Enders Obducted claps his tootsies

(02/04 13:09:04)EdisonRex stomps his feet

(02/04 13:09:05)Tai'lahr: Looking forward to it, Ghaelen.

(02/04 13:09:09)Janeerah: hello to all

(02/04 13:09:09)Korov'ev: An announcement on behalf of Snickuster, from Janeerah!

(02/04 13:09:21)Janeerah: snick has a problem to come

(02/04 13:09:26)Janeerah: so from her

(02/04 13:09:41)Janeerah: very short

(02/04 13:09:46)Janeerah: Hello everyone! I've got another party planned for this month called "K'veer Ball."I'm not sure how "Ball" translates, but it's just a formal dance.It will take place in K'veer on February 18th, from 1200KI - 1500KI.Joker will be our D'niJ for the event, and will provide some lovely dance music for us!

(02/04 13:10:10)Janeerah: I encourage everyone to bring a "date" to the ball, but it is not necessary. Just for fun!I also encourage everyone to dress "formally." I know this can be hard, so I've got a few dress ideas on the forums, for both men and women.

(02/04 13:10:32)Boywhith is searching for his tutu already

(02/04 13:10:34)Janeerah: I've always thought K'veer was the perfect place for a dance, and it reminds me of a ballroom, so I hope you all can attend and dance the day/night away with me!

(02/04 13:10:51)Janeerah: Please check the forums for complete information, clothing ideas, to remind yourself of the date, and for Joker's stream!

(02/04 13:11:00)Janeerah: (that's it, thanks guys)

(02/04 13:11:04)Nowhere Man: sharp black suits

(02/04 13:11:07)Marein: Awesome idea Janeerah!

(02/04 13:11:13)Korov'ev: Thank you Janeerah!

(02/04 13:11:14)radioflux: K'veer is very posh

(02/04 13:11:15)elva (I'm on the surface, be back in a minute):

(02/04 13:11:17)Janeerah: thank Snick

(02/04 13:11:27)Acorn1: Good point about K'veer looking like a ballroom

(02/04 13:11:36)Doobes: Quite the history behind the location, too.

(02/04 13:11:44)Korov'ev: We mentioned the Gehn shard's anniversary: let's welcome Hoikas!

(02/04 13:12:24)Adam {Hoikas}: We want YOU to come to the Gehn Shard 5th anniversary celebration in Tre'bivdil

(02/04 13:12:26)Adam {Hoikas} points

(02/04 13:12:35)Adam {Hoikas}: immediately after the AGM

(02/04 13:12:42)Doobes looks around...points at himself in confusion

(02/04 13:12:46)Doobes: :D

(02/04 13:12:48)Adam {Hoikas}: type /party to join the festivities

(02/04 13:13:07)Adam {Hoikas}: music stream is already up and running with m,y video game favorites at

(02/04 13:13:30)Adam {Hoikas}: you'll get to experience Gehn 25, the most crashtacu....I mean GREATEST release yet

(02/04 13:13:42)Adam {Hoikas}: enjoy

(02/04 13:13:58)Adam {Hoikas}: you can now exit the subworlds in Gahreesen without falling through the dad gum floor

(02/04 13:14:04)Ro"Jethhe: will Messengers' Pub be open for cocktails?

(02/04 13:14:10)Adam {Hoikas}: yay for fixing 14 year old bugs <.<

(02/04 13:14:24)Adam {Hoikas}: and enjoy the 150 marker 5th anniversary quest =P

(02/04 13:14:42)Adam {Hoikas}: upon completion of which you will receive an exclusive reward

(02/04 13:14:43)Doobes: The Pub shall be open, but it's a get your own drink kinda thing.

(02/04 13:14:46)Doobes: ;)

(02/04 13:14:56)Adam {Hoikas}: the quest rewards and punishes you for playing URU

(02/04 13:15:00)Adam {Hoikas}: mostly punishes

(02/04 13:15:10)Doobes: Punish is putting it lightly. :P

(02/04 13:15:16)Adam {Hoikas} wonders if anyone has found the last 2 markers

(02/04 13:15:18)Adam {Hoikas}: :D

(02/04 13:15:36)Adam {Hoikas}: just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there

(02/04 13:15:36)Doobes: If you're a skydiver, you'll be right at home though.

(02/04 13:15:43)Adam {Hoikas}: anyway, that's all I have

(02/04 13:15:48)Adam {Hoikas}: any questions, Korov'ev?

(02/04 13:15:59)Korov'ev: none in the queue

(02/04 13:16:04)Adam {Hoikas}: excellent

(02/04 13:16:14)Adam {Hoikas}: enjoy the quest game =P

(02/04 13:16:16)Korov'ev: Thank you Hoikas!

(02/04 13:16:20)EdisonRex applauds, enthusiastically

(02/04 13:16:21)Tai'lahr has only 84 of the 150 markers.

(02/04 13:16:22)Adam {Hoikas}: I might give hints at the party :evil:

(02/04 13:16:25)Doobes: It's tough...but addicting. :)

(02/04 13:16:32)J'ffrey: 148/150

(02/04 13:16:38)Acorn1: Descent is a killer too

(02/04 13:16:42)Doobes: YES

(02/04 13:16:45)Ro"Jethhe: I can't find the first two

(02/04 13:16:51)Korov'ev: A quick announcement from: dreammaster4!

(02/04 13:17:23)dreammaster4: hekllo my friends

(02/04 13:17:30)dreammaster4: i wantsed to give something back ..

(02/04 13:17:36)dreammaster4: as you have all been so nice to me

(02/04 13:17:58)dreammaster4: so, this past week i have created an android app for those of you who have android phones

(02/04 13:18:16)dreammaster4: its a simple app that puts uru tunes on your phone

(02/04 13:18:39)dreammaster4: if someone shows me i will ki-mail you all with the link to download

(02/04 13:19:00)dreammaster4: its notinhg speical.. but itll help

(02/04 13:19:09)EdisonRex: cool

(02/04 13:19:15)ghaelen: Very nice!

(02/04 13:19:20)Kayara: cool!

(02/04 13:19:21)dreammaster4: thank you all and heres to another 7 years xx

(02/04 13:19:29)Ro"Jethhe: but I have a losy Apple iPhone 3G

(02/04 13:19:38)EdisonRex applauds

(02/04 13:19:54)Korov'ev: Thank you dreammaster4!

(02/04 13:19:57)Nowhere Man: I got a land line will that work

(02/04 13:20:38)Korov'ev: Radio Free D'ni has a special program for today: let's welcome AlanD!

(02/04 13:20:55)EdisonRex applauds!

(02/04 13:20:59)Obducted Joker: Yay

(02/04 13:21:24)AlanDJ: As you may already know, it is the 7th Anniversary of MOULa which came online in 2010 on 8th February.

(02/04 13:21:43)AlanDJ: However the 4th of February turns up rather too frequently as a bad news day for explorers...

(02/04 13:22:26)AlanDJ: In 2004, closing of Prologue

(02/04 13:22:38)AlanDJ: 2007, Closing of Until Uru

(02/04 13:22:53)AlanDJ: 2008, Closing of Gametap MOUL

(02/04 13:23:08)AlanDJ: It's only with the latest incarnation that the news on this date was good

(02/04 13:23:37)AlanDJ: 010, Victor Laxmans post, Activity in the CAvern?

(02/04 13:23:55)AlanDJ: In honour of that anniversary, a set of events has been organised by volunteers, lead this time by Trapper Dave - take a bow :)

(02/04 13:24:07)TrapperDave: ahhh

(02/04 13:24:09)TrapperDave bows

(02/04 13:24:20)EdisonRex whistles loudly

(02/04 13:24:24)ghaelen: huzzah!

(02/04 13:24:34)AlanDJ: The opening has already been performed, and I will be presenting a show as soon as the AGM is over

(02/04 13:24:50)AlanDJ: which will be stroll round the cavern and game locations in musical form

(02/04 13:25:08)AlanDJ: with some soundtrack, some Turjan and Piboc (both alumni of the cavern) and other electronic and non-electronic music

(02/04 13:25:27)AlanDJ: whatever I've found to fit the locations. That will be on the Radio Free D'ni channel, which you can find on urutunes.

(02/04 13:25:53)AlanDJ: I will start on theplaza, if it gets too full we will come back here...

(02/04 13:26:06)AlanDJ: Hope to see you :)

(02/04 13:26:07)Boywhith: Great Alan!

(02/04 13:26:12)AlanDJ bows

(02/04 13:26:17)EdisonRex: thanks Alan

(02/04 13:26:25)Korov'ev: Thank you AlanDJ!

(02/04 13:26:36)Dulcamara: thx

(02/04 13:26:38)Enders Obducted claps double time

(02/04 13:26:40)EdisonRex holds up his lighter

(02/04 13:27:15)Korov'ev: The next speaker is planning an appreciation party: let's welcome Zeke365!

(02/04 13:28:16)Zeke365: I would like everyone to know I will be hosting an event orginzer apperactaion party

(02/04 13:28:34)Zeke365: on feb. 12 at 11:00ki time in the Cavern Events Hood

(02/04 13:29:28)Zeke365: we have few specail guest with us this day including karel, jay ro, jamie and me and few uncomfirmed to

(02/04 13:30:15)Zeke365: Each guest will have an oppurtiunity to tell us about there event, how it got started and what makes different from others

(02/04 13:31:04)Zeke365: this to show our apperaction for everyone putting events together in the cavern because all you deserve some apperaction for all your hard work keeping the cavern alvlie

(02/04 13:32:15)Zeke365: after theour guest speak there will be 2 games played bevien soccer and

(02/04 13:33:21)Zeke365: for more info check this link

(02/04 13:33:38)Annabelle: wait zeke you forgot the 2nd games

(02/04 13:33:44)Zeke365: I need a list of people who want to playe the games before feb, 10

(02/04 13:34:13)Korov'ev: later ;)

(02/04 13:34:15)Zeke365: with their ki # and avi so I know who to give them to and all of you should have recived one

(02/04 13:34:38)Zeke365: I will take my leave pm me your question

(02/04 13:34:48)Korov'ev: Thank you Zeke365!

(02/04 13:34:49)AlanDJ: There is a 7th anniversary schedule of events on the forum as a downloadable pdf file.

(02/04 13:35:06)Annabelle: i guess we have to see on the forum for the 2nd game thanks zeke!

(02/04 13:35:14)ghaelen: I read on the forum that the second game is a marker quest game

(02/04 13:35:16)Zeke365: bevin soccer and hood quest

(02/04 13:35:19)ghaelen: It sounds like fun

(02/04 13:35:22)Korov'ev: The next speaker *never* appeared at an AGM before...

(02/04 13:35:43)Ro"Jethhe: Is RAWA coming or his mother?

(02/04 13:35:52)JWPlatt laughs

(02/04 13:35:54)Korov'ev: You know who, right?

(02/04 13:35:58)Korov'ev: Let's welcome: Doobes!

(02/04 13:36:10)EdisonRex applauds

(02/04 13:36:13)Boywhith: King Shomat himself!

(02/04 13:36:23)Ro"Jethhe: enders!

(02/04 13:36:29)Adam {Hoikas}: the sky crackles with infinite power

(02/04 13:36:30)Annabelle: now the sound effects!

(02/04 13:36:33)Doobes: Yes, I'm RAWA's father's brother's cousin's uncle's former roommate. :D

(02/04 13:36:52)Doobes: Hi, my name is Doobes. Perhaps you've heard of me?

(02/04 13:37:07)Max: a split personality!

(02/04 13:37:08)Korov'ev: first time at an AGM, right? :D

(02/04 13:37:13)Annabelle: say? are you the author of the Messengers' pub?

(02/04 13:37:14)Doobes: I hope everyone's been enjoying the anniversary festivities. Hard to believe this iteration's been here for seven years already!

(02/04 13:37:23)Doobes: And some of the other shards have been here for five or so!

(02/04 13:37:39)Doobes: First, need to give another shout out to all those who put all these events together. Let's give 'em a hand!

(02/04 13:37:47)Frobozz: very

(02/04 13:37:48)Adam {Hoikas}: clap clap a claping

(02/04 13:37:50)Frobozz: interesting

(02/04 13:37:51)radioflux gives a hand

(02/04 13:38:07)Doobes: Ah yes, the appropriate clapspam...but in this case, it's definitely deserved. ;)

(02/04 13:38:15)Doobes: It's the sense of community that keeps us all together.

(02/04 13:38:22)Doobes: So what do I have for you today?

(02/04 13:38:30)Doobes: First up, a small update on the memorial Age:

(02/04 13:38:38)Doobes: I'm still putting the finishing touches on things, and I'm still hoping to have it released very soon.

(02/04 13:38:45)Doobes: Hopefully that release will coincide with something else I've been working on: the fan Age library.

(02/04 13:38:57)Doobes: If you follow my Facebook page (*cough* Ages of Doobes *cough*) and if you were here last month, you'll know that I've been tirelessly working on what will hopefully be the means to finally get fan Ages into MOULa.

(02/04 13:39:14)Doobes: The first Ages to be featured in the library will be the first four that have made it onto two of the major shards:

(02/04 13:39:25)Doobes: Tre'bivdil, Fehnir House, Vothol Gallery and the new GoMe Pub.

(02/04 13:39:38)Doobes: If it's finished in time, the memorial Age will also be included.

(02/04 13:39:43)Ro"Jethhe: do we have to be 21 to go to the Pub?

(02/04 13:39:52)Doobes: For testing purposes, I've sent an even newer version of the Pub over to so that they can do some preliminary testing on a Minkata beta shard.

(02/04 13:40:04)Doobes: No, but there's a cover charge, Ro. Payable to me. :P

(02/04 13:40:16)Doobes: A side note on that: yes, there IS a new version of the Pub, but it's not exactly ready for street release, so don't expect it on any of the shards just yet.

(02/04 13:40:18)Annabelle: I'll pay a visit to Minkata then

(02/04 13:40:25)Doobes: It is the first version exported with Korman and not PyPRP, but that also means some things aren't ready to go yet...mainly cameras.

(02/04 13:40:36)Doobes: It's not there yet, Annabelle. :D

(02/04 13:40:58)Doobes: I've provided the files so they can pick them apart at their convenience...hopefully to help things along.

(02/04 13:41:12)Annabelle: ah ok I'll look at the forum board over there

(02/04 13:41:21)Doobes: (back to the newer version of the Pub)

(02/04 13:41:25)Doobes: So it was decided by myself and the Guild of Writers to hold off on that release until Korman can export things exactly as PyPRP did (plus extra!).

(02/04 13:41:35)Doobes: Otherwise, you would have seen it in Gehn.25. The extra wait will be worth it though.

(02/04 13:41:46)Doobes: Trust's odd sitting down in the booths and having the camera go right through a wall, which is what an uncontrolled default camera will do. :P

(02/04 13:42:00)Doobes: So once all is said and done, I hope to present my work to and Cyan for their consideration.

(02/04 13:42:13)Doobes: If I and my colleagues work things just right, all Cyan will have to do is drop the new files onto their server...which I believe has been the goal all along.

(02/04 13:42:25)Doobes: (I'm sure it's a bit more complicated then that, but I digress)

(02/04 13:42:51)Doobes: Oh, the Age has camera colliders, but they're overridden when you sit down.

(02/04 13:43:02)Doobes: Again...just needs to be worked out and properly tested.

(02/04 13:43:11)Doobes: While this is going on, I urge you all to continue to donate to the CAVCON and keep things running.

(02/04 13:43:26)Doobes: I assure you that things ARE happening and I will do my best to keep the train chugging along until we arrive at the "MOULa Fan Ages" station. :)

(02/04 13:43:42)Doobes: I'll work with the Guild of Writers,, The Open Cave...whatever it takes.

(02/04 13:43:46)Doobes: Just keep the faith. :)

(02/04 13:43:58)Doobes: You can keep up to date on my work at my aforementioned Facebook page and at Ages of Doobes.

(02/04 13:44:07)Korov'ev: Our next question is from Boywhith.

(02/04 13:44:07)Korov'ev: [Boywhith] Question: Can you roughly tell us when it will become available in MOULa?

(02/04 13:44:09)Doobes: And that's all from me for now. Any questions?

(02/04 13:44:31)Doobes: Nope. I will do what I can with our friends at OpenUru, but after that, it's up to Cyan to implement it.

(02/04 13:44:40)Doobes: We'll do what we can to make the job as easy as we can for them.

(02/04 13:44:47)Doobes: Boosting the CAVCON couldn't hurt on that front. ;)

(02/04 13:44:56)Acorn1: "Soon" TM

(02/04 13:44:58)Korov'ev: definitely!

(02/04 13:45:02)SmilingOne: One question... Do you use blendar in age creation?

(02/04 13:45:10)Doobes: Well, a BIT sooner than "Cyan soon". :P

(02/04 13:45:23)Doobes: I do use Blender, yes. Coupled with Korman from the Guild of Writers.

(02/04 13:45:31)Annabelle: doobes is right, more donation = more fund to put on new stuff in MOULa

(02/04 13:45:36)SmilingOne: What is Korman?

(02/04 13:45:46)Doobes: And our organizer friends can keep things humming here in the meantime.

(02/04 13:45:56)Doobes: Korman is the latest Age export plugin for Blender.

(02/04 13:46:07)Boywhith: But the work is done alredy by the fans than. The only have to put it here.

(02/04 13:46:16)Doobes: There's still a few things that need to be added to it, which is why I and the Guild held off on releasing the latest version of the Pub.

(02/04 13:46:20)Annabelle: you can learn about Korman on Guildofwriters forum board

(02/04 13:46:31)Korov'ev: Thank you Doobes!

(02/04 13:46:35)Doobes: I'm eager to see the first Korman-made release on Gehn and...eventually...MOULa.

(02/04 13:46:40)Doobes: Any other questions?

(02/04 13:46:45)Korov'ev: wait

(02/04 13:47:06)J'ffrey: when will this new version of Korman be released?

(02/04 13:47:24)Doobes: That would be a question for Hoikas and the GoW. I am not sure.

(02/04 13:47:31)Korov'ev: Our next question is from Kayara.

(02/04 13:47:31)Korov'ev: [Kayara] Does Korman work with BlenderPortable too?

(02/04 13:47:38)Doobes: Once they have something for me, I'll be testing away at it. Give it a nice bug check. :D

(02/04 13:48:03)Korov'ev: questions about korman are better asked to Hoikas ;)

(02/04 13:48:06)Doobes: Not sure on that one, Kayara. I only know it'll work on Blender 2.77a (32 or 64 bit)

(02/04 13:48:17)Doobes: Yes. Hoikas is your man for all things Korman. :)

(02/04 13:48:23)Korov'ev: Thank you Doobes!

(02/04 13:48:27)Doobes: At least the inner workings...and release dates.

(02/04 13:48:29)Doobes bows

(02/04 13:48:44)EdisonRex claps Sang's hands

(02/04 13:48:46)Adam {Hoikas} trolls his hands

(02/04 13:48:51)Ro"Jethhe snaps his fingers

(02/04 13:48:53)Doobes: Remember...CAVCON! Let's keep the lights burning bright around here!

(02/04 13:49:00)Korov'ev: Our last speaker is from OpenUru: rarified!

(02/04 13:49:39)rarified: Thank you Doobes! It's an honor to be able to speak at this memorable event!

(02/04 13:49:59)rarified: I wanted to give a short update on the re-awakening of Minkata.

(02/04 13:50:31)rarified: We (I and a few close friends) have been working hard to bring things back into a working state.

(02/04 13:51:03)rarified: Now in both dimensions of updates to the client, and updates/contributions of fan content.

(02/04 13:51:32)rarified: As Doobes has said, he has provided us with a copy of the GoME Pub to start playinig with,.

(02/04 13:51:52)rarified: There is a thread on the OpenURU forum topic for the Minkata shard where I'm starting to list

(02/04 13:52:04)rarified: progress as I make it.

(02/04 13:52:32)rarified: The first outside visible change is that we have activated a "beta" Minkat shard server

(02/04 13:52:42)rarified: in parallel with the main testing shard (Minkat prime).

(02/04 13:53:01)rarified: The beta shard will be used as the location where something significant and possibly

(02/04 13:53:32)rarified: unknown behavior to work in isolation. It has the ability to be erased and

(02/04 13:53:42)rarified: reset very rapidly in case things go wrong.

(02/04 13:53:58)Doobes: ...nice and breakable...but that's progress. :)

(02/04 13:54:10)rarified: When the new item passes a brief checkout, we'll merge it into other

(02/04 13:54:17)rarified: pending contributions into Minkata prime.

(02/04 13:54:39)rarified: I'll post (soon TM) instructions on how to get on the beta shard.

(02/04 13:54:57)rarified: You will be able to use the same installation as Minkata to access either shard,

(02/04 13:55:02)rarified: but not both at the same time.

(02/04 13:55:18)Doobes: Ah well. Accessing both with the same installation is also good.

(02/04 13:55:36)rarified: I'm also currently bringing Minkata up to date with the clothing additions that

(02/04 13:55:50)rarified: were directly submitted to Cyan and now are on MOULa.

(02/04 13:56:06)rarified: So keep checking the OpenURU Minkata topic for updates.

(02/04 13:56:32)rarified: One final note... we have lit a beacon, and Cyan (Chogon) has at least noticed it.

(02/04 13:56:59)rarified: What we hear is that time is still short, but the smoke signals finished with a query

(02/04 13:57:16)rarified: "[Are] there any updates in the pipeline..."

(02/04 13:57:24)rarified: Which give me hope...

(02/04 13:57:56)rarified: Thank you all for your support over the years, and please keep the faith.

(02/04 13:58:03)rarified: That's all I have.

(02/04 13:58:06)Korov'ev: we'll have to skip questions

(02/04 13:58:09)Tai'lahr: Great work, rarified!

(02/04 13:58:15)EdisonRex applauds loudly

(02/04 13:58:22)SmilingOne: I think you jsut rekindled a flame, thankyou!

(02/04 13:58:29)Korov'ev: Thank you rarified!

(02/04 13:58:39)EdisonRex: well, it gives us hope

(02/04 13:58:42)Zeke365: the fire is reawaking

(02/04 13:58:45)Korov'ev: Well, time to wrap up this meeting!

(02/04 13:58:54)Korov'ev: I'll skip the summary of this month's upcoming regular events; you can check the GoMe calendar anytime

(02/04 13:59:06)Korov'ev: The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for March, Saturday 4th at 13:00 KIt.

(02/04 13:59:14)Korov'ev: Again, please consider donating to Cyan, to keep the Cavern open

(02/04 13:59:22)Korov'ev bows

(02/04 13:59:22)Korov'ev: And with that, the Meeting is ended. Thank you all for coming, happy Anniversary!