What a Messenger Can Do

  • The most important thing for a Messenger is News. All the Messengers should always have their eyes open for getting News about all things Myst, Uru and the Community. So on the website you are allowed to post News Items (to know How read the appropriate Tutorial) without any restrictions. Usually non-messengers have to wait for someone to approve their News Items and Calendar Events, a Messenger can post them and approve his own News as well as News submitted by other users.
  • You can approve the News and Calendar Events that other users have submitted to the website. Once a News get approved it will be visible to everyone on the Front Page. Please refer to the Site Rules to know what news should be approved and what rejected.
    You can access the Drafts through the Workflow Summary Link on the right-hand menu.
  • You will also gain access to the Private section of the Forum
  • You will also be able to access all the Restricted Content, such as some Pages of the Guild Books (like some Tutorials such as this one) or entire Books or Book Sections (like the Newspaper Production)
  • You can also request a @guildofmessengers.com email account. Just PM a Webmaster if you want it.

With other additional roles you can access other Administrative Pages, such as Translation Interface, Forum Moderation, etc.


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