Wall of Honor

Historical Guild – D’ni

  • Grand Master Hamil

  • Grand Master Taeri

  • Guild Master Tejara

Restored Guild – Cavern Explorers

Members that have given much to the benefit of the Cavern’s new inhabitants.

  • Shimmerillion  Webmistress – Original Designer – Former Founder of the Guild
  • Sophia – Webmistress – Designer – GoMe website (2009-Drupal)
  • Lynnutte – Former Founder of the Guild – Creator of the ‘Where R U Uru’ newspaper and of the Cavern Criers
  • Andros/Kalypso – Former Founder of the Guild – GoMe Coordinator
  • Nanouk Metal – Our Old Polar Bear helped us a lot with his suggestions
  • Marten – Former Administrator and Maintainer of the Rel.to Directory – The Wise Guild Master
  • Szark – The Jack-of-all-trades of the Guild. You could see his hands everywhere in the Guild! (He back with us!)
  • White – Personnell Manager, Assistant Webmaster and Jack-of-all-trades of the Guild
  • Irissa – Pro-active Messenger, she tried to improved the Guild services a lot, before her mysterious disappearance
  • Al’Kaera – Forum Moderator and Newspaper (Where R U URU?) Proofreader. He’s always been very helpful in everything with the Guild, giving his thoughts to improve our work.
  • Leonardo – Webmaster, Former Guild Master, Former All Guilds Meeting Moderator, Italian Translator
  • Lunanne – Former Guild Master, Magazine Editor in Chief, Dutch Translator, all around voice of reason.
  • Lyrositor – Webmaster, Former Guild Master, URU2U Crewmember, French Translator
  • AgeExplorer – Magazine Article Writer and Cavern Crier.


Historical Guild Information found at DPWR.net

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