User Management (Admins)

For those with admin access to the site, here’s how to manage users:

  1. Go into the Dashboard.
  2. Go down to “Users” and select “All Users”.
  3. Search the list for the user(s) you’d like to manage.  You can use the search bar if you can’t immediately find them.
  4. Check the box next to their profile picture to select them.
  5. Next, select your option(s):
    1. Bulk Actions: the only option here is to delete a user or users.  USE THIS OPTION FOR SPAM ACCOUNTS ONLY!
    2. Change role to…: This will set the user’s permissions as far as posts, pages, etc.
      1. Subscriber: user can only view content, but cannot create it.
      2. Contributor: user can post content, but cannot edit it.
      3. Author: user can post and edit their own content.
      4. Editor: user can post and edit their own content and others’ content.
      5. Administrator: user has all the above permissions, plus the ability to remove and delete content.
    3. Change forum role to…: This will set the user’s forum permissions.
      1. Keymaster: user can modify all posts and structure of the forums.
      2. Moderator: user can modify all posts.
      3. Participant: user can post new topics and reply to posts.
      4. Spectator: user can read posts, but cannot post themselves.
      5. Blocked: user cannot access forums at all (ie banned).  This is only used in extreme cases and can be appealed.

Once you have made your choice(s), click the applicable button(s) to the right of each field.


  • To reiterate, we do not delete a user completely unless it’s an obvious spam account.
  • Problem users will get one warning. If they continue to be a problem, switch their role to “Spectator” for regular posts and “Blocked” for the forums instead of deleting them completely.  This will keep them from creating a new account with the same e-mail address should they be permanently banned.
  • First-time blocked users may appeal to the site admins for reinstatement of privileges.  The final decision be at the discretion of the admins.
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