Январь 2011

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iOS Riven Sale!

Cyan has just lowered the price of Riven for the iPhone! This is the perfect time to download and be able to play Riven everywhere you are.

We’ve lowered the price of Riven: The Sequel to Myst for iOS to it’s lowest price ever - but only for a limited time! The complete version of the stunningly immersive follow-up to Myst now fits in your pocket - and the sale price won’t take much out of your pocket.

Get it now - the Half Price Sale won’t last long.

Click here for more info on Riven
Click here to buy now!

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Jan. 29 DMR event

Please join us in the D'ni Musicological Research bevin this Saturday at 1800 Hrs. KI time for a special guest presentation.

Christo of Jaruku's bevin will discuss "Shofar - its history and uses" 

All are welcome!



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D'ni Musicological Research Bevin
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Январь 29, 2011 - 18:00 - 20:00
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50% Sales for Myst on GoG

GoG.com (Good Old Games), an online shop for old videogames, is one of the few online distributors for Cyan videogames and in particular for the Myst Episodes developed by Cyan (this excludes Myst III, Myst IV and Myst V).

After a pause for all their discounts, GoG have just started a new promo for all Cyan games they have in the store! They are selling the entire pack at 50%, this means you get the 5 games for $2,99 each.

See the details on this page!

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D'ni Musicological Research Bevin Concert

Shorah all,

Please join us in the D'ni Musicological Research bevin on Jan. 22 at 1800 hrs. KI time for the next concert broadcast, entitled "Songs!" or listen at http://ustream.tv/channel/live-in-the-dmr

All are welcome!

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D'ni Musicological Research Bevin
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Январь 22, 2011 - 18:00
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Nacht des Vermächtnisses

Die "Nacht des Vermächtnisses" ist eine Gelegenheit für Forscher, die die Ereignisse des ursprünglichen MOUL (von Gametap) verpasst haben, zumindest aus zweiter Hand von ihnen zu erfahren, durch die Berichte von Augenzeugen. Jeden Dienstagnachmittag um 18:00 KIZeit (Mi 02:00 MEZ) wird im Heritage Night' Bevin (mit ein paar Abstechern an andere Orte) ein Teil der Geschichte von MOUL vom Gastgeber erzählt, angefangen bei der Rückkehr von Forschern in die Höhle nach der an Prologue anschliessenden Lücke, mit besonderem Augenmerk auf den Wiederaufbau, den Bürgerkrieg der Bahro und die Aktionen von Schlüsselfiguren wie Douglas Sharper und Dr. Watson, die in Yeeshas Rettungsaktion und dem darauf folgenden Exodus gipfelten. Ausserdem gibt es eine Marker-Queste zu den Ereignissen des Tageskapitels.

Auch wenn dieser Anlass primär für Leute gedacht ist, die die damaligen Ereignisse verpasst haben, sind alle Forscher willkommen und nach dem "Erzählsegment" wird eine Gesprächsrunde folgen, in der "Gametap-Veteranen" die Gelegenheit haben, ihre eigenen Anekdoten mit Neuankömmlingen zu teilen. Der Anlass wird von DimensionTravelerCalum (KI# 203751) organisiert, der zumindest den ersten Abend als Gastgeber fungieren wird (möglicherweise auch öfter). Wer auch mal einen Abend leiten möchte, möge sich bitte unter KI# 203751 melden.

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Heritage Night's Bevin
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Repeats every week до вт Мар 01 2011 .
Январь 25, 2011 - 18:00
Carl Palmner
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Rand's Birthday and Hacks in Ae'gura

Ae'gura Tokotah Plaza, about 14:00 KI Time, Rand (yes THAT Rand, the creator of Myst) links into Ae'gura. He is happily greeted from all the people there and they immediately start filling him with questions (of course :D)!

Rand gave us some good news. Cyan is happy to have Riven finally out for the iOS and they are working on other small projects as well. Rand is also sure Myst Movie will be a great movie. He has commented a bit on URU Open Source with these words:

what's the latest you've heard on open source?
we're trying to put some stuff together - it really shouldn't be long now!
the open source stuff moves all the pressure to you guys! :)

We really hope it will happen very soon!

For the rest of the visit he has chatted about many other subjects, and he was informed of the D'ni App Pokemon and others are planning on the MOUL forums and in addition to that The Public Project by Tanshin.

Just when The Public question went out, all the fog in Ae'gura turned to green and all were surprised, even Rand! At first people believed it was Rand or other people at Cyan making special effects for Rand's birthday party, but soon Rand assured us he was not behind it so it must have been someone else.

Soon Rand had to leave, but the Hacker of URU kept up his work changing the color of the sky, of the fog, making people jump, switching on the Bahro and making Kerath's Arch disappear and reappear. All of this went on for a while and was still up when I left the Cavern. Here is a collection of pictures taken there (first two: courtesy of AgeExplorer): Читать дальше

Devokan Trust -- new forum

The aim of the Devokan Trust is "To research and restore what was lost".

Think of the burnt pages of the books in the original Myst library. What worlds and wonders were lost as a result?

Are we beginning to find them, as we build in the D'ni way, or experiment in other worlds?

The new forum at http://forum.devokan.org/ is not only for those working on projects directly connected to the Devokan story as told via Developments in Devokan on the MOUL forum, but to support and showcase independent Myst/Uru-style stories and projects developed in Uru and other environments.

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Guild of Messengers 2011 Elections

Shorah Everyone!
The Guild of Messengers is organizing the elections for its Guild Council (i.e. the Guild Masters)!

The process will last for 2 weeks if everything goes as planned, so for February there will be a new leadership for the GoMe, which may or may not be the current one.

The need for an election has been decided during the last Messengers Meeting in December, but the organization has been stopped for a month for contacting our Affiliates and letting them know, also discussing some details with them.

But now the time has come and the election mechanism will start very soon, keep following us here!!

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January All Guilds Meeting Summary

Summary for the All Guilds Meeting of January in Kirel!

The Chat log of the whole Meeting can ge downloaded here.

After taking care of some trolls that tried to kidnap Leo in their relto themeeting started. :D

shokhootahn Rehn (aka r’Tayrtahn): shokhootahn Rehn updated us with news that he is working on porting D’ni language classes from Second Life over to URU. Classes should be in the cavern in the next month or two. Additionally story nights are being held in Tsahno’s neighborhood on Saturday evenings at 10:00 PM KI time. The story nights collectively cover the history of the D’ni, beginning with the exodus of the Ronay from Garternay to the D’ni cavern. Story nights are currently covering the events of the game Myst IV: Revelation. Only the story and back-story will be discussed and no solutions to any of the puzzles will be given. Читать дальше

Age Explorer

Bible Study

 Welcome all

 The Whole purpose of this Bible Study is for the body of Christ to come together as one in this great city of D'ni.
 To grow together and build friendships. Where we can meet and build each other up to become mature, perfect and complete in Christ
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Set Free by the Truth Bevin
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Январь 19, 2011 (All day)

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