Сентябрь 2010

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Myst movie finds producers

The Mysteriacs' blog links to this article today, which states that

"Producers Hunt Lowry [Donnie Darko, The Last of the Mohicans] and Mark Johnson [Chronicles of Narnia] have partnered with Adrian Vanderbosch and Isaac Testerman of Mysteria Film Group."

 Adrian quotes Cory Lanier of Roserock and Tom Williams of Gran Via as the executives that will actually work with them along the preliminary stages.

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Cyan Celebrates the release of Stoneship

With the release of Stoneship: The Curse of a Thousand Islands Cyan Worlds is lowering the prices of all its games on the AppStore for a limited time!!

So if you want Cyan's games on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad this is the right time to go and download them!!!

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Cyan Worlds Releases Stoneship - A new game for the iOS

Unlike many of you may think, Stoneship, the new game released by CyanWorlds, has nothing to do with the Myst Universe. Except for the name of course.

This new game, developed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, is a "lighthearted new direction for Cyan Worlds", but it is still on the same genre our favourite game company masters: puzzles!

Stoneship is all about pirates and sailing the seven seas to fight agaist them.

You can buy Stoneship from the AppStore at the price of 2.99$. Click here to visit the AppStore

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The Cavern Today - Episode 5

The Cavern Today has published a new episode of their podcast!

  • “Bought The Cyan Complete Pack on Steam” Bevin.
  • Sholek’s Temple Link
  • Starry Expanse Project http://www.starryexpanse.com/
  • Cyan’s Stoneship announced Link
  • iRiven site launched Link
  • iMyst and iRiven on Android? Cyan says maybe Link
  • The Manhole for iOS
  • Medal of Honor Link
  • Duke Nukem Forever actually being prepared to be released? Link
  • Video Games Live CD / DVD / Blu-ray October 19th Link
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Cyan looking for Riven iOS Beta Testers

UPDATE 23-Sep-2010:  All beta positions are now filled.

From the Myst Online forums:

Cyan Beta Request написал:
We need some seasoned Riven explorers with an iPhone, iTouch or iPad to help us with beta testing for Riven. We only have a handful of available slots for beta devices, so please only respond if you currently have the time to test and fill out bug reports.

For information on what you need to include in your request (you will need to profile your device), and where to send it, check the full post.

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Two Public Shards Announced

Members of the Guild of Writers have recently announced the opening of two public Uru shards.  One is called The Deep Island Shard and is administered by diafero.  The Guild of Writers forum now has a subsection specifically devoted to The Deep Island Shard.  The GoW Forum’s user database has been integrated into this shard so that users can log in using their regular Guild of Writers username/password information.  The other shard announced is currently called The UAM Shard and is administered by ddb174, also known as Dustin.  UAM is an acronym for Uru Age Manager.

Both shards are designed to assist Age developers by providing them with multi-user test environments.  Both are Alcugs shards, set up with all fan ages and the latest version of the Offline KI. Alcugs is an acronym for "Alternative Live Compatible Uru Game Server” and represents the open-source alternative Uru server stemming from reverse engineering efforts that began in 2004.  Offline KI is a descendant of that same reverse engineering effort, bringing on-line Ki functionality to Uru:CC installations.  It now works closely with Drizzle and is currently maintained by diafero.   The Uru Age Manager is maintained by ddb174 and is a tool in the Drizzle collection.  According to the Guild of Writers wiki, “Drizzle is a multipurpose Plasma toolkit written in Java.” 

According to diafero:

Technically, the two Shards are very similar - latest Alcugs version, latest Offline KI, all fan- and converted ages. DI [The Deep Island Shard] has a slightly more recent version of the Offline KI since I put unreleased development versions on there…

ddb174 summarized the two shards by saying: Читать дальше

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Cyan Pack on Steam - Update

It seems our News update about the Cyan Pack on Steam was a little outdated :P

On September 1st, Cyan Worlds has published a new version of Riven on Steam that fixes its incompatibility with Windows XP, all you need to do to make it work is enabling the Windows Compatiblity Mode for Riven.exe and select "Windows 98" mode.

There are still some known issues, all solvable with a bit a patience, just follow the link below.

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Guild of Messengers Meeting

The Guild of Messengers will have a meeting to discuss its works and projects on Sunday 12th at 11.00 KITime.

We'll meet in the Guild of Messengers' Pub.

The main subject of the meeting will be the Newspaper development and any other subject brought up during the event.

The Meeting is open to everyone, Guild Members and not.


Локация в Д'ни: 
Guild of Messengers' Pub
Дата мероприятия: 
Сентябрь 12, 2010 - 11:00 - 13:00
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Cyan updates: new puzzle game, Steam and iPhone Riven

News on Cyan has been piling up in the past month!  Here is a quick rundown, saving the best for last.

Cyan games on Steam

On August 4th, the same day Cyan announced Manhole launched for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Cyan games began appearing on Steam, though the official announcement didn't hit Cyan's website until August 18th.  The following games are available:

  • The Manhole: Masterpiece Edition
  • Cosmic Osmo and the Worlds Beyond the Mackerel
  • Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo
  • realMyst
  • Riven: The Sequel to Myst [See note below]
  • Uru: Complete Chronicles

To find them all on Steam, just search for cyan.

Note:  According to the Steam page, the Steam version of Riven: The Sequel to Myst (part of the "Cyan Complete Pack") is not compatible with Windows XP.  Check forum discussion at Myst Online for possible solutions.

Also Note: As of this writing, the Cyan Complete Pack is $19.99.  Manhole Masterpiece and Spelunx are also $19.99 - each - although both are included with the Cyan Complete Pack!

Also Note x2:  Check the screenshots page for Uru: Complete Chronicles for many old Uru development screenshots, including previously unreleased images of an earlier Cleft and Gahreesen.

Cyan launches "Coming Soon" page for Riven on iOS; Riven HD expected for iPad
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September All Guilds Meeting Summary

Last Saturday, as all first saturdays of each month, there has been the Guilds Fair in Kirel and once again there have been a lor of attendees to the All Guilds Meeting at 13.00 KiTime! Читать дальше

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