Guild of Writers Releases Gehn 25!

Just in time for its upcoming 5th anniversary, Gehn Shard has been updated by the Guild of Writers!

Some excellent fixes under the hood, as well as the addition of a few new clothing items:

  • Add Guild of Linguists T-Shirt by Korov’ev and Mystler.
  • Add Guild of Wizards T-Shirt by Zesty of Xeniphers.
  • Add Guild of Writers paraphernalia.
  • Fix age invites not being added in the Nexus.
  • Fix exploit in which any PRP could be loaded as a Global age.
  • Fix not being able to change the name of certain quest markers.
  • Fix patcher downloading 0-byte files from MOULa.
  • Fix player falling through the floor when exiting certain subworlds.
  • Fix quest markers showing up in the wrong Age(s) in edit mode.
  • Fix server crash related to people being naughty.
  • Overhaul string handling (once again).
  • Set universal physical constants.

The 5th anniversary marker game will be in your KI inbox within a few days.  Don’t forget that completing the game will earn you a reward.

If you have Gehn Shard installed, simply run the client to receive the update.  If you haven’t yet tried Gehn Shard, click on this link and follow the instructions.

For more information and discussion of Gehn 25, head over to the GoW forum thread.

Keep checking back here for more open source shard news!

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