Registration Troubleshooting

Here’s a few issues you may have when trying to sign up for the Guild of Messengers site:

Q: I can’t seem to add an apostrophe to my username.  What gives?

A: As a security feature, WordPress does not allow many special characters in the username, including apostrophes.  However, you can use the Name field to properly place an apostrophe into your profile.  Here’s an example:


With these settings, you would log in using “Rineref” and your password, but you would always display as “Ri’neref” everywhere on the site.

Q: I didn’t get the confirmation e-mail.

A: This is a common thing.  Most likely, it has been sent to the junk mail section of your e-mail account.  You’ll need to access it and look there for the activation e-mail.

If it still hasn’t arrived, you can try logging into the site, then click the link to resend the e-mail

If it still hasn’t arrived after all that, you can contact us.  Be sure to include the username and we’ll activate your account for you.

Q: I tried confirming/logging in, but it says my account doesn’t exist.  Why?

A: We’re constantly on the lookout for spam accounts.  We generally delete these when we spot them, but some real people might get lost in the lurch.  If that happens, please contact us telling us you are a legitimate user of the site.  Be sure to include the username you’re trying to use so we know it’s you.

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