Donate to Cyan, win a part in the movie "Mystery Beyond Ages"

Here's your chance to win a Cameo appearance in the current movie "Mystery Beyond Ages" by Jaruku's Bevin Productions! The movie is about a detective using the help of friends to defeat the dreaded Mankuso and solve the Mystery Beyond Ages before Mankuso does. The role is not complicated and a lot of fun to do. Even though we have all the actors we need, 8 total, there will be a special part waiting for the winner and if you can't act, we'll make you look good! The completed movie will be aired on YouTube.com. Do a Youtube search for Mystery Beyond Ages or follow this link to my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Jarukubevin?feature=mhee: We're up to part 3 and 3 more parts to go!

Cyan Worlds is currently experiencing a reduction in its funds for running Myst Live / URU Live and they need all of our help! The financial level is labeled as Cavcon 5 - 1 (5 is the highest, 1 the lowest) and it is currently at Cavcon 2.

All you need to do is Ki mail Cammee (member #08583626) and submit your avatar's name, member number and the amount of your donation to Cyan for your entry. All proceeds go to Cyan Worlds. To donate go to http://mystonline.com/en
and scroll to the bottom. After you donate contact Cammee, it's that easy.

Enter as often as you wish! The more you donate, the better your chances of Winning - You could be the Lucky One!
$5.00 per Ticket
$25.00 = 6 Tickets (1 free)
$50.00 = 12 Tickets (2 free)
$75.00 = 18 Tickets (3 free)
$100.00 = 25 Tickets (5 free)

Contest begins October 17, 2011
Drawing will take place November 30, 2011.

We will make an announcement as to where we will have the drawing prior to the 30th.


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