Projects From the Guild of Messengers

The Guild has had its own share of projects over the years.  Below is a list of Guild-approved and sponsored projects:

Active Projects

Cavern Criers

Description: A GoMe-sponsored team of Messengers that greet new and veteran explorers and provide them with information about the basics of the game and lore as well as the latest news and events around the cavern.

CC Leader: Nev’yn

Myst: The Book of Lothias

Description: A tie-in novel to the upcoming Guild of Messengers waystation project.  New chapters will be released about every month or so until completion.

Written by: Doobes

Completed Projects

Special Edition Magazines

Description: Editions of the Guild magazine that are not part of the running order.

On Hiatus Projects


Description: A machinima news parody project filmed in-game in Myst Online: URU Live Again.  As of 2016, two episodes have been produced and are available on the Guild’s Youtube channel.

Project Lead: Ahlisendar

Defunct Projects

The Cavern Post 2.0

Description: The Guild’s online source for longer, in-depth articles.  Subjects both Myst and URU-related as well as simply gaming-related are published.  Anyone can write an article for submission, with approval determined by moderators.

Note that magazine articles have been merged into the main site and are no longer a separate entity.

Editor-in-Chief: Lunanne

The Cavern Post (ver. 1)

Description: The second iteration of the Guild’s magazine.  This also ran for three issues before it was replaced with version 2.0.  Editor-in-Chief: Lunanne

GO Magazine

Description: The first version of the GoMe magazine.  It lasted for three issues before being replaced by The Cavern Post.  Editor-in-Chief: Theremin

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