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Ryan Miller Interview

By AaronAKAAtrus and Doobes

Note from the Guild: This interview was conducted over a year ago by AaronAKAAtrus. Part of this article was written by him. Due to the cancellation of GO! Magazine and the introduction of The Cavern Post (as well as lack of free time on his part), the completion of this article took an indefinite back seat. For the occasion of the new online version of The Cavern Post, Doobes has finished this article for Aaron and now presents it for all to enjoy.


Ryan Miller is a very familiar face in the cavern to people who played URU during the Prologue and Gametap eras. The younger brother of Myst co-creators Rand and Robyn Miller, fans may have recognized him in cavern as the avatar of Douglas Sharper, a persona which he expanded and deepened with his explorer interactions until eventually he became a real personality to many in cavern: the “grumpy, mean and arrogant” explorer with a little bit of a rebel streak who was able to draw many explorers to follow him during his disagreements with the DRC.

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Interview with Cyan on realMyst for iOS

The website Modojo recently had an interview with Rand Miller about the recent release of realMyst for the iPad. The interview covered several major questions on Cyan's decision to port realMyst to the iPad as well as technical details on the challenges faced with the project. Rand even goes on to talk about Cyan's future plans to release a less-compressed version of Riven specifically for the larger screen of the iPad.  In addition, he even hints that the next logical project for Cyan would be realRiven, but he says that would take years of work.

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realMyst now available for iPad!

realMyst, the 3D remake of the original Myst, has been released for the iPad 2 and beyond (iPhones and iPods not included)! It uses the Unity game engine to work, which allows for simple visual enhancements such as better trees, better water effects, moving clouds and so on. For a limited time only, it comes with a reduced price tag.

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2012

It was that time again in Kirel...the All Guilds Meeting has come and gone!  Not as many presenters, but certainly plenty of news.  As always, here's the raw and cleansed chatlogs and a summary of what you missed:


Annabelle once again updated everyone on the progress of her marker quests.  Her 7th release is still being worked on and are being made "less hard", as she put it.  She expects to be finished in 2 to 3 weeks.  Also, due to the recent upgrade, she believes that most of the complicated jumps in her quests will be easier due to the fact that slipping down steep slopes is considerably slower then it used to be.

Guild of Messengers

Leonardo broke from the usual "GoMe is last" tradition of the meetings as there was much to talk about.  First thing was to announce that Lyrositor (who was also made assistant webmaster under Leonardo) and I had taken over as Guild Masters, after which he turned things over to us.  Lyrositor spoke about our renewed effort to recruit more Messengers for our various projects in the works as well as reiterating details about our video project, URU2U.  I spoke about the Cavern Criers and how Nev'yn was the one to talk to if interested.  Lunanne was last to speak more about our migration from magazine to online news articles.  She also mentioned about how she will eventually pass the title of magazine editor to someone else.

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Classic Myst at the PlayStation Store!

Cyan announced yesterday that the original version of Myst is now available for purchase at the PlayStation Store, for download on PSPs or PS3s! Note however that this isn't realMyst, nor is it Myst: Masterpiece Edition, but the original port to PSOne.

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