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Myst to be ported to Nintendo 3DS

It has recently been found that Cyan appears to have plans to port Myst over to the Nintendo 3DS platform. Myst 3DS has been added to the Gamefly database with Maximum Family Games listed as the publisher. 




Special thanks to Trekluver for finding the original article links and posting them in the MOULa forums.

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Robyn Miller on the MOUL forum

Robyn Miller (tinselman.com) is known as the co-founder of Cyan, and he was both the composer and a key collaborator for the games Myst and Riven.  Robyn moved on to non-gaming projects after Riven was released and has never been involved in Uru.  Now, thanks to MOUL forum member Miranda2, Robyn has joined the Myst Online forums to discuss the Cyan logo animation that he created and his perspectives on the "Stranger" mythos that evolved from Myst and Riven's casting into the role of historical events in the greater context of Uru.

Genesis of the Cyan Logo Sequence:  http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25141

Who Really is The Stranger?:    http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=25154


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Interview with Rand Miller

Today we had a wonderful Live Chat with Rand Miller on Skype during Mysterium where he replied to a lot of Fans Questions, told us about the state of Cyan and made us laugh a lot; we even got a nice view of his office and his fireplace.

Watch the Video

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Bug Chucker is Here!

Cyan Worlds just released their new Game for Mobile Devices running iOS (as previously announced the Android version is under Beta Test)!

It is called Bug Chucker and it is a bugged-out, fun physics artillery game with a whole different galactic gravitational perspective. The game is available on iTunes for only 99cents (USD) as an introduction price.

Visit Bug Chucker's mini-site here!

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Cyan Worlds Looking for Beta Testers for new Android game

Chogon, also known as Mark DeForest, of Cyan Worlds has posted on the MystOnline Forums looking for Beta Testers for a new Cyan game for Android mobile devices, called Bug Chucker!

To participate to the Beta Test you should send an email to Chogon (markd[AT]cyan[DOT]com), along with your name, your device manufacture and model, memory size and a short description of your gaming and testing experience.

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