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Un viaggio senza un finale: parte 1 - Dove tutto è cominciato

Avvertenza: Questa serie di articoli è scritta nel-personaggio (IC, in-character) ed è basata per lo più su fatti noti o su ricerche. Sebbene Max si sia preso qualche libertà o "licenza artistica" in alcune parti, come adattare o intrecciare il gioco o la finzione ai fatti reali, l'articolo è stato sottoposto a verifica da altri membri della GoMe e in quasi ogni aspetto, per quanto ne sappiamo, è fedele ai fatti.

Come molti altri che hanno intrapreso il Viaggio, sono rimasto meravigliato da ciò che ho visto e sperimentato. Molti esploratori ancora trovano la via giù per la caverna e il magico mondo della cultura D'ni, per visitare le Ere e le rovine di quella che un tempo fu una grande città sotterranea. Perciò potrebbe essere interessante per tutti i nuovi arrivati​​, e forse anche per i vecchi "esploratori veterani" della Caverna, per cercare di raccontare come sono andate le cose.

In uno dei miei numerosi viaggi giù nella caverna qualche anno fa, mi è capitato di chiedere a Jeff Zandi se gli sarebbe piaciuto raccontarmi qualcosa sulla scoperta della città e gli abitanti di D'ni. All'epoca gli avevo già menzionato le mie visite ad alcune grotte europee e i miei articoli per alcune riviste; avevamo in comune lo stesso interesse per l'archeologia. Con un po' di persuasione, questo tipo davvero simpatico ha finalmente accettato. Leggi il seguito

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Another Take on the Myst Movie's Silence

NOTE: As this time, the link to Adrian's post, as well as the Myst movie site itself, seem to be down.  We will keep the link intact in case it comes back.

NOTE 2: Cyan has also cleared the MOUL forum thread where discussion was taking place about all this.

The Guild of Messengers recently published an article here with some news coming from Isaac Testerman about the future of the long-awaited Myst movie.  Soon after, Adrian Vanderbosch (one of the former producers of the film) published a detailed post with his version of the story of what happened during this long silence, describing (amongst other things) how he was forcibly pushed out of the project.

Adrian, just like Patrick McIntire (another former producer of the movie), put a lot of personal effort into making the movie, so the tone of his post is personal, blunt and to the point, understandably.

The story we are being told is basically what a lot of people keeping a close eye on the project have already read between the lines from Isaac's older posts; a story that some explorers already expected from the Hollywood environment, where the integrity of nearly any established fictional lore and story quality are sacrificed in the name of business and money ("reaching a wider audience", as they tend to put it). None of this was completely unexpected, but the most shocking aspect has been the complicated dynamics of this story and how it offers an insider's view into just how cutthroat the movie business can be. Leggi il seguito

CAVECON July 22 thru 28th

CAVECON:  CAVCON Awareness Party, July 22-28th

Explorers are raising awareness of the CAVCON meter (MOULa's financial health) this week.  A number of events have been scheduled already and the organizers are looking for more.


If you are interested in hosting or participating in any of these events, join in the discussion on the Myst Online forums!

Here are a few details shared with us by submitter Michelle Marquise:

We will have a 24/7 CAVECON  starting on July 22 thru 28th. We very much would love for everyone to participate. This event will be for all countries. Events can overlap so everyone can participate! Listed below is access to my calendar. Events will be posted there. It is blank right now and should fill up quickly. So please email me the name of your event, time, time zone and location in Uru, SL or OS Grid.

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Ryan Miller Interview

By AaronAKAAtrus and Doobes

Note from the Guild: This interview was conducted over a year ago by AaronAKAAtrus. Part of this article was written by him. Due to the cancellation of GO! Magazine and the introduction of The Cavern Post (as well as lack of free time on his part), the completion of this article took an indefinite back seat. For the occasion of the new online version of The Cavern Post, Doobes has finished this article for Aaron and now presents it for all to enjoy.


Ryan Miller is a very familiar face in the cavern to people who played URU during the Prologue and Gametap eras. The younger brother of Myst co-creators Rand and Robyn Miller, fans may have recognized him in cavern as the avatar of Douglas Sharper, a persona which he expanded and deepened with his explorer interactions until eventually he became a real personality to many in cavern: the “grumpy, mean and arrogant” explorer with a little bit of a rebel streak who was able to draw many explorers to follow him during his disagreements with the DRC.

  Leggi il seguito

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Interview with Cyan on realMyst for iOS

The website Modojo recently had an interview with Rand Miller about the recent release of realMyst for the iPad. The interview covered several major questions on Cyan's decision to port realMyst to the iPad as well as technical details on the challenges faced with the project. Rand even goes on to talk about Cyan's future plans to release a less-compressed version of Riven specifically for the larger screen of the iPad.  In addition, he even hints that the next logical project for Cyan would be realRiven, but he says that would take years of work.

See also: Riven for iPad

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