How To Submit News

Here’s our new site’s method of submitting news and events:

  1. Click on the big yellow “Submit News” button on the front page, click on the “Submit News” button on the menu bar, or click “+  New” at the very top of the page and select “Post” (any other option will not appear on the front page).
  2. Post Title: Self-explanatory.
  3. Add Media: See this tutorial for more detailed instructions.
  4. Body:  Insert article text/content here.  Please write more than one or two sentences.  Be as thorough as possible.
  5. Category: Select the type of submission: these include
    1. Article – Long, detailed article as if for a magazine.
    2. Calendar Event – detailed post about an upcoming event.  You need this category chosen for it to be added to the main calendar!!
    3. News – a small but detailed story related to Myst, URU, Cyan, D’ni, and the community.  This will be the one used most often.
    4. Uncategorized – only use this if you’re not entirely sure which of the other categories applies to your post.
  6. Author Name: You can use this field if you’re submitting a story for someone else.
  7. Human Check: This keeps spam bots from posting to the site.  Simply click the checkbox.  Make sure you see a green check mark.

Note that site admins reserve the right to edit or remove submissions completely upon review.  If your post is removed entirely, you will be sent an explanation as to why.

You’ll see on the right side of the screen that there’s a “Visibility” option.  Note that the default for that is Public, meaning the post will be published to the front page.  If you would like your post reviewed before going live, set this to Private first.

If you choose to make the post password protected, you will need to explain why or the post will be deleted.

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