How To: Be a Cavern Crier

Dress to Impress

Messengers are asked to wear the yellow GoMe shirt while “on-duty” as a Cavern Crier. To get our yellow guild shirt, have the avatar your going to use for Guild business link to Kirel, and then go to the Guild of Messengers table. Click the yellow shirt on the table. Due to local health code, wearing a yellow Cavern Crier ball cap is requested, but not required. A pith helmet with the appropriate guild color or other hat, is also acceptable. Many individuals in the guild find it it convienent to create a GoMe avatar strictly for Guild use, and dress said avatar in the above clothing.

Please also see the “Cavern Criers: Other Equipment” tab below.

KI Mails We Distribute

We currently distribute many Ki Mails. Below is a URL where these Ki Mails reside on the website. If you are new and do not have any of these materials, please ask an exisiting GoMe member to send them to your Guild avatar.

Ki Mails on the website are HERE:

Ki Mail Discussion Thread is HERE (depreciated; new thread needed):

Communicating with Players (heavily plagerised from Andros’ excellent thread, found here: )

Standard Communication

Not sure of what to say when on Cavern Crier duty? Below is a sample spiel that works great!

1. Head to a populated area. Could be the Guild of Greeters Bevin, the City, or just a busy Bevin in general. Type /autoshout.

2. Say hello! Try this: “Shorah everyone! I’m Kalypso from the Guild of Messengers. I’m on cavern Crier duty so I’m distributing Ki Mails. Is anyone interested?”

3. Usually, a person will reply yes. Cllick on the players name and contine in private chat.  Send them the Distribution list and then say: “Sent! Just tell me what you want. I recommend keeping it because it will be updated.

4. Wait for replies from players whom you have sent the Distribution list. The players will respond with something like  “B please”. Send whichever material players have requested, then reply with a simple “Sent!“.

5. When you are finished sending the requested material, type this to public chat: “Is anyone else interested in Ki Mails before I leave?

6. Wait 30 seconds and then continue in public chat with: “In that case, I’m heading to the next post. Have a good day and great evening!

7. Head to the next area and repeat.

Player Questions and Requests

If players have questions about GoMe, Open Jobs, or other GoMe business, answer as best you can. If you are unable to answer, take down the players Ki number, and let them know you will get back to them.

If a player says they want to apply for a job, direct them to the forums, and tell them to introduce themselves with a post.

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