How to Add Images/Files to an Article/Forum Post

The process of adding media to various posts of the new site has changed since the old site.

Rules for Uploading Files

  1. NO illegal torrents or copyrighted material!
  2. NO inappropriate images or files!
  3. NO overly large files unless approved by admins.  For larger files, offsite file hosting is recommended.
  4. Moderation and/or deletion of images and files will be at the discretion of site admins.  You will receive an explanation as to why something was deleted.

Here’s how to do so for both pages and forum posts:


When you start a new post or page, you will see an “Add Media” button just below the title field and Permalink.  Click on that and a new window will open.

By default, you will see what is currently in the site’s media library.  Click on the Upload Files tab.

Here, you can either drag files in for upload or click on the “Select Files” to search through your local files.

Once your file is selected and uploaded, click the “Insert into post” button at the bottom right.

Forum Posts

While you won’t be able to upload files from here, you can link to photos or files already uploaded elsewhere, including on the site.

For pictures, on the toolbar between the topic title field and message field, you’ll see an icon at the very right that looks like a jagged mountain framed by a rectangle.  Click on that.

In the next window, use the URL of the image as the source.  You can then enter a description of the image, adjust the dimensions to your liking, and add a caption below the image.

For files, simply click the “URL” button in the same toolbar and copy in the URL.

Images can be resized, captioned, orientated around text and other options changed once you click on it in the post and a small toolbar will appear.  To keep the proper dimensions of an image, hold Shift when resizing.

You can move links to files around by highlighting the entirety of the link, then dragging it elsewhere in the post.

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