How Do I Submit News?

The first, and new recommended method, is to click on the “Submit News” button on the front page.  For a tutorial, click here. Alternatively, you can use the Submit News section on the Forums. Please post each new story in its own new thread complete with a web link to the original source.

Discussion about a story, including edits and requests that a story be held, may occur in that story’s forum thread or here on the main site. The submitted news may be incorporated into either GoMe productions or affiliated productions.

Please note that, even though the Guild tries its hardest to get news out to the community as soon as possible, we may hold some topics for further scrutiny, and at some times of the day, there may not be any GoMe members around to process a submission, so it can take some time before a particular item can be disseminated.

Also, please note that once an item is posted to our RSS feed, edits to that item may not propagate to all of the sites that incorporate our feed. If an edit is required after an item has been posted to our feed, we may choose to instead issue an update or retraction message in addition to the original message on the feed. In such cases, the original message will not be modified or removed.

The second method for promoting a story through the GoMe is to contact an appropriate Liaison (See What and who is a Liaison?). This approach may be more appropriate if you would like the GoMe to craft an article for your story. However, we recommend that you do not send edits or corrections by this manner after the story has been posted to the RSS feed or one of our publications; instead, post to the discussion area for the story in the Submit News section of our forum. This approach will ensure that a GoMe member resolves your concerns in the timeliest manner possible.

A third way to submit your story is to post about it on our Facebook page.  Be as detailed as you would with a regular post and moderators will post it as soon as possible.

The final way to submit a story is to send an email to guild[at]guildofmessengers[dot]com. However, it is preferred option 1 or 2 is used before resorting to this or the Facebook option. In terms of news submission, the email should only be used for publicity request, or for information that is to be consider either “off the record” or “background,” or is otherwise of a nature that you don’t want to be immediately disclosed to the public (e.g. an upcoming event that is supposed to be a secret but for which you want to tip the media off).

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