Cyan Fixes CAVCON and Servers Resizing

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A recent post on the MOULa forums reveals that Cyan over the past couple days has discovered that the CAVCON meter has been inaccurate for some time. The cause is attributed to a miscommunication between accounting and the people updating CAVCON. This new information has shown that current donations are no longer covering expenses of server maintainance. Currently part of the reserves are being used to make up the difference. When MOULa was released CAVCON 4 was reached and as a result a good reserve was built. The accurate CAVCON level has been at 2 for most of the time MOULa has been live.

Using this new information it has been determined that cost reducing measures are needed on the MOULa servers. The first phase should not result in any degradation of service. Seperate servers will be combined to be more flexible. The second phase will be asking for fan volunteers to host file servers and spread the data transfer costs. A possible third phase would degrade the service but hopefully it will not come down to that.

The process of implementing the first phase has already started. The servers were shut down at 10:00 am PDT so that modifications to the server setup could begin. The process is expected to take two hours. Cyan will post on the forums to let everyone know when the servers are back up and running.


Translation Note: A Français translation of this content is available here.

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