Forum Moderation

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to moderate the new GoMe Forums.

  1. Click on the post you’d like to moderate.
  2. Here, there are several options just above the first post:
    1. Edit: in order to change something in the post.
    2. Close: Closes the topic.
    3. Stick (to front): Stickies the forum topic to the top of that particular forum.
    4. Merge: to combine the topic with another.
    5. Trash: to move the topic out of view (it will stay in the trash until permanently deleted or restored).
    6. Spam: to mark the topic as spam for a moderator.
    7. Reply: to reply to the message.

If you select edit, the options change a bit. Scroll down beyond the body of the post for a few options:

  1. Forum: this field allows you to switch the topic to another forum.
  2. Topic type:
    1. Normal: self-explanatory
    2. Sticky: sticks the topic at the top of its home forum.
    3. Super Sticky: sticks the topic at the top of ALL forums.
  3. Topic Status:
    1. Open: keeps the topic visible and people are able to post.
    2. Closed: keeps the topic visible but nobody can post.
    3. Spam: marks the topic as spam.
    4. Trash: moves the topic to the trash (this will not permanently delete the topic).
    5. Pending: the topic will only be visible to moderators and admins until set to “Open”.

Please note that the Guild of Messengers encourages free speech. We will rarely edit a user’s post except under extreme circumstances (personal attacks, racial or homophobic slurs, links to copyrighted material, etc.).  Use your best judgment and this will not become an issue.

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