Today in D’ni History: Kerath Abdication, Council of Elders Appointed

Today is Leevotar 17 in the D’ni Calendar. It marks the day of abdication by King Kerath, the last King of D’ni, and beginnings of the rulership of the D’ni by the Council of Elders.

(A painting of King Kerath is available for viewing in the Museum of Ae’gura)

From the yellow DRC Data Notebook formerly located next to the typewriter on the Tokotah rooftop:

King Kerath took the throne in 6731 DE [926 BC] at the age of 54. Kerath is probably the most well known name of all the Kings, not because he was necessarily considered the best, but because he was the last. His name came to represent all of the Kings in the later years, including the renaming of the Arch of the Kings to the Arch of Kerath (…)

The fact that Kerath, in a single reign, was able to convince his people that the way they had been ruled for thousands of years was wrong and should be changed, should be considered nothing short of miraculous. Kerath carefully crafted his arguments as a benefit for the Guilds more than anything else. After all, he argued, “D’ni is the Guilds… let us be protected by their fortress and be ruled by their wisdom” (…)

In 6977 DE [680 BC] Kerath abdicated the throne and gave over the power of the Kings to the first Five Lords of D’ni History. They were Lord Taeri of the Guild of Messengers, Lord Hemelah of the Guild of Healers, Lord Moleth of the Guild of Caterers, Lord Kedri of the Guild of Writers, and Lord Korenen of the Guild of Analysts. Kerath died eight years later.

The time of the Kings was over.

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