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A Legend Returns to the DMR: Ranting Thespian

Beginning with the first D'ni Musicological Research hood broadcast in June of 2010, Ranting Thespian was known for his live concerts such as Songs of Protest, Quirky Songs, and performed his final live concert in 2010 with his version of Dark Side of the Moon. He also deserves thanks for providing the first use of broadcast site and getting the DMR broadcasts started using it.

RT returns to the DMR on Saturday, May 17 at 18:00 KI time to perform the songs of the Beatles live on the new DMR server.

Please join the fun in the DMR hood for the reunion and dance party.  You can listen in at .

All are welcome!

D'ni Location: 
D'ni Musicological Research hood
Date of the event: 
May 17, 2014 - 18:00 - 20:00
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Eurovision: Copenhagen 2014

Shorah cavern dwellers!

As many of you may already know, once again it is time to enjoy (and some may say endure) the song and dance completion known as EuroVision!

A yearly tradition of the cavern community which allows the various international members to gather together in the city and watch elating triumphs and harrowing defeats of the various competitors of this exciting broadcast.

The event kicks off this Saturday, May 10th at 13:00 KI Time. Alien of the Guild of Sleepers has arranged for light snacks and cold beverages to be provided at central courtyard tent within Ae'gura throughout the show.

 Here's to luck for this year's competitors, while those the cavern enjoy an informal party! Best wishes to all!!!

D'ni Location: 
Ae'gura & beyond
Date of the event: 
May 7, 2014 - 13:10
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All Guilds Meeting - May 2014

2014 continues to roll right along into May, and things are as active as ever in the cavern.  This month's All Guilds Meeting had quite a few bits of interesting news.  And it wouldn't be a normal AGM news post without a couple of chatlogs, raw and cleansed!

Here's what happened this month:

MystiTech Productions

Vector Cramp returned this month to update everyone about The Lost Art, the group's upcoming machinima project.  They have partnered with the creators of DIRT shard to film their episodes.  As part of their partnership, the MystiTech team will help DIRT along by playing a few NPCs when the shard is officially released.  Anyone interested in contributing to the project is asked to contact MystiTech.

Guild of Writers Read more

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Creators of Myst and Doom Interviewed

In a recent interview of Rand Miller and John Romero, the creators of Myst and Doom respectively, at the NYU Game Center, both of the legendary video game developers shared, among other things, their points of view on the other's game.

Doom and Myst were both originally released in 1993, and both were highly acclaimed, albeit for drastically different reasons. While Myst became synonymous with the graphical adventure game genre, Doom defined the modern first-person shooter genre for many years. According to the interview, their respective creators both initially expressed a feeling of incredulity and anger when they became aware of the others' game. Read more

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I.H.P. Open Hood Day in MOULa April 24th...

The International's Hood in MOULa will have a Public Open Hood Day on Thursday 24th of April from 12:00 KI Time till 20:00 or even beyond that.

During this week there's The D'ni New Year that happens on 21st of April. I.H.P's One Year Anniversary... The International Mother Earth's Day... The Guild of Linguists become one year too. So why not try and have a Party?! Dance to the Music and have Fun!

We try also gather together as much as possible of the Creative Talents we have in the cavern. Writers, Artists, Age Builders, Musicians, and give them an Open Stage! Let them talk about what they are creating or doing, inspired or not by the Myst Universe. We'll try also to get as many Shards as possible presenting themselves.

We will also discuss a series of Guided Age Tours that could be done at some later point. For further Info and updates as we progress, see:

Or Feel free to contact either me max.2.0 or Keir by PM on MOULa Forums or in MOULa: KI Mails to I.H.P:Max or Kaaja/I.H.P.X or [X]...

Date of the event: 
April 24, 2014 - 12:00
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