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Garden Ages For New Players

Jamie Marchant is hosting an event for those new to the cavern.  There are two garden ages, Eder Tsogal and Eder Delin, found in the book room of each hood (note that a hood only gets one or the other Age at random).  One might notice something special about these particular Ages if one looks around for a bit.

Jamie would like to invite new players (and veterans too, if they want) to come and explore these Ages. The date is set for Saturday, May 14th at 12:01 PM KI Time, which, for newcomers, is in the Mountain Standard Time zone (MST).

If interested, be sure to meet up in Jamie Marchant's Hood at that time.

NOTE: No spoilers, please!

D'ni Location: 
Jamie Marchant's Hood
Date of the event: 
May 14, 2016 - 12:01

Fun House Event

Jamie Marchant will be putting on a magic show in The Fun House!

The event will be on Saturday, May 21st at 12:00 KI Time.

Jamie will be showing an "Age mix". There will be a marker game to go with it, as well as some other fun.

For those unfamiliar with The Fun House, it's one of two locations (along with the Hood of Illusions) that uses hacks to produce special effects, or "magic".  Both locations are sanctioned by Cyan to centralize such activity and keep it separate from the rest of the game's locations to minimize possible crashing.

Jamie asks that others keep from doing their own hacks so as not to interrupt his own show.

While the hood is not pinned in the Nexus, it will most likely be bumped to the top of the list for the event.  Explorers will be able to access it from there.

Be sure to check it out!

D'ni Location: 
The Fun House
Date of the event: 
May 21, 2016 - 12:00
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Music from the Ages

Karel will once again be playing 'Music from the Ages' on Sunday, May 8th at 13:00 KI time in DRC(1059) Hood (which will be bumped in the Nexus), so be sure to stop in!
Karel will be playing URU - Ages Beyond Myst music this week, with a few tracks from Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds as pre-event music. The music stream can be found at this link on the day of the event.

This continues in the spirit of the nice sessions started by the very-missed Patricio.

Each session includes some of the background story and description for the Ages and characters mentioned in the game. Don't worry NO SPOILERS.

Karel hopes to see you there, but if you can't make it, you can always just listen to the music stream. smiley

D'ni Location: 
DRC(1059) Hood
Date of the event: 
May 8, 2016 - 13:00
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The Open Cave MOUL Shard 2.20 Is Live!

It has been awhile since we've heard from them, but the latest version of The Open Cave's MOUL-based shard is now online!  Changes include:

  • Garrison Wall Revamped
  • Removed player manipulation possibility from KI commands
  • /autoshout is now default behavior
  • KI lag reduction
  • Smoother animations
  • Other minor code fixes

On future updates, shard admin Mystler had this to say:

Let me use this occasion to say a few words about my current involvement in TOC. It has been some time since the last update and, let me be perfectly honest, I don't think the number of update will increase anytime soon. My motivation to work on new URU stuff is currently very low and there are other projects and things I prefer working on, in my free time. Of course I am still regularly checking the forums and PMs, to assure everything is working as good as possible, but, I don't want to get hopes up that I will get around to pushing new content updates.

To get the latest update, simply log into your TOC client and let it download.  If you haven't yet tried The Open Cave MOUL shard, you can read here on how to install it and click here to create an account.  Note that there is also a PotS version, but it requires a separate install.

For further technical help, you can visit the TOC forums.

As always, keep checking back here for the latest URU shard news!

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All Guilds Meeting - April 2016

It's no late April Fools joke...there was an All Guilds Meeting today!  Once again, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs for reading as well as a summary of what happened:

International Hood

With a bit of a passing of the torch from the former to the latter, Max and Snickuster talked about what the International Hood is about and plans going forward towards a re-opening.  This event is scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd, starting at 05:00 KI time with the Australian and Japanese explorers and continuing throughout the day with many of the various countries that make up the community.

Snickuster has asked any and all interested parties from various countries around the globe to come and present a little something pertaining to their home country, sharing the cultures of each.  The topic can be pretty much anything (within reason).  There will also be music in the same multicultural theme, so D'niJs are also welcome.

If you'd like to contribute, you can PM Snickuster with your idea!  For further updates, check the MOUL forum thread.

D'ni Language 101/Story Night

shokhootahn Rehn reminded the crowd about the upcoming D'ni Language 101 classes coming up later this month.  More details can be found on our news post here. Read more

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