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Mysterium 2015 is Here!

Mysterium, the annual fan-run, Myst-orientated convention, is underway!  This year, the setting is Boston, MA for the weekend of August 7th through the 9th.

If you'd like to tune in to see the proceedings live, you can head over to the Mysterium Twitch stream.  Note that the channel will only be online at certain times (ie not during lunch).

The schedule for this weekend is as follows (times are Eastern Standard Time Zone):

Friday, August 7th

All Day – Freestyle Tabletop Ahyoheek Tournament
10am – Registration and meeting room open
11am – Opening Ceremonies
2pm – Starry Expanse presentation
3pm – Gemedet presentation
3:30pm – Mysterium Adventure begins
3:45pm – Escape the Age (session 1)
7:30pm – Unwritten (session 1)
8pm – Escape the Age (session 2)
9:30pm – Escape the Age (session 3)

Saturday, August 8th

All Day – Freestyle Tabletop Ahyoheek Tournament
9:30am – Registration and meeting room open
9:30am – Morning announcements
9:30am – Mysterium Adventure regrouping session
9:45am – Escape the Age (session 4)
10am – What Would Atrus Build
2pm – Cyan presentation
3:30pm – Narrative/Writing Game Design Panel
5pm – Escape the Age (session 5)
7:30pm – Unwritten (session 2)
8pm – Escape the Age (session 6)
9:30pm – Escape the Age (session 7) Read more

Date of the event: 
August 7, 2015 - 07:30 - August 9, 2015 - 11:00

Cavern Talent Show Auditions

Welcome all to a new event called the Cavern Talent Show that will be held on Saturday, October 10th at 13:00 KI Time.

This talent show specifically designed for people who are not afraid of the mic, so don't be shy!

What is the talent show, you may ask? It's a showcase where you can create skits, tell a story, conduct a trivia quiz, make impersonations, sing, play an instrument, or anything you like.

What the organizers are looking for is variety; not just different styles of the same genre, like music, but different kinds of talents all over the artistic spectrum.

Skits will have to be kept to 5 minutes maximum to keep things rolling.  If you're interested, auditions are being held every Sunday, from August 9th to September 13th, running from 17:00 KI time to 19:00 in the Cavern Events hood.

D'ni Location: 
Cavern Events Hood
Date of the event: 
Repeats every week every Sunday until Mon Sep 14 2015 . Also includes Tue Oct 06 2015.
August 9, 2015 - 17:00 - 19:00
Submitted by: 
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Gehn.22 Has Arrived

The ever-busy Guild of Writers has once again updated their Gehn Shard with a nice batch of fixes and additions.

These fixes include:

  • Add fan clothing options from MOULa.
  • Add fan translations from GULP.
  • Fix Nexus reflection.
  • Fix missing linking panels in Nexus for fan Ages.
  • Fix a rare server crash related to players linking out.
  • Fix imager static animations in the Nexus and KI.
  • Fix issue in which closing the BigKI could make the avatar stand in certain situations.
  • Fix issue in which other players would be sitting or climbing a ladder in thin air after linking in.
  • Fix jittering animations.
  • Fix many potential Net 6 issues.
  • Fix several potential game crashes.
  • Fix text x-raying in the KI.
  • Optimize game launch.
  • Remove /shout and /autoshout (all chat messages are now shouts).
  • Restore Ahyoheek functionality.
  • Hide willio subnet mask.

To get the upgrade, simply log into the shard normally and let it download and update.  If you haven't yet tried Gehn Shard and would like to do so, check the "How Do I Play?" section at this link.

Congratulations to the GoW for another successful update!

All Guilds Meeting – August 2015

Unexpectedly filling in for Doobes, who was busy on his new job, Christian Walther presented another All Guilds Meeting. We have the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs, and here’s the summary:

CAVCON Awareness Party and Cavern Talent Show

Maggie696, Snickuster and Patricio announced their plans for an event to raise awareness of the importance of donations to the CAVCON on October 10th, 13:00 KI time. Zeke365 expanded on a part of it that will be a talent show for those who are not afraid of the mic. They are looking for participants who would like to present skits, readings, comedy or anything else. Auditions will be held every Sunday from August 9th to September 13th from 17:00 to 19:00 KI time in the Cavern Events Hood, with additional more European-friendly times to be announced.

Fabulous Magical Treasure

Boywhith took the stage with an update from Mister Magic (Michel) about the translations of the Fabulous Magical Treasure game. In addition to English and French, German is done now and Dutch almost finished, while Italian has been started.

Gehn 22 Read more

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Radio Free D'ni - A History of Rush - Part 2

Radio Free D'ni will present A History of Rush - Part 2 this Sunday, July 26th, starting at 13:00 KI time as promised last week. Malaclypse has put the show together and AlanDJ will join him to present, as usual.

The gathering will be in the Takotah Plaza on Ae'gura and the concert will run until 15:00 KI time (that's 7 PM to 9 PM GMT for those in Europe) with some pre-show and post-show music while everyone tunes your music players to the stream.

You can open the stream either in your browser or in your media player of choice via this URL.

From Edison Rex, Malaclypse and AlanDJ - your Radio Free D'ni team!

D'ni Location: 
Ae'gura - Takotah Plaza
Date of the event: 
July 26, 2015 - 13:00 - 15:00
Submitted by: 

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