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Gehn 20 Google Hangout Tonight!

The Guild of Writers is set to deploy its latest version of Gehn Shard, and like the last release, they will be having a Google Hangout so that interested explorers can listen in on the process.

They plan to start at 21:00 KI Time tonight (June 6th).  Joining them will be Doobes, whose restored Messengers' Pub will be a part of this update.

For more information, visit the GoW's event page on Google+.

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Party in the New Pub at Gehn Shard

For those that haven't heard, a new Guild Pub is opening on Gehn Shard in their next update!  To properly break in this new establishment, the Guild of Messengers and Guild of Writers are hosting a party!

The festivities will be on Saturday, June 14th at 13:00 KI Time in Gehn Shard.  When you get into the cavern, type /party to be Linked automatically.

Doobes will be your host while D'niJ Trekluver will provide the music.  His stream will be at or is the recommended media player or you can use the in-browser link.

If you haven't set up Gehn Shard yet, you can find the installer at this link.

See you there!

Date of the event: 
June 14, 2014 - 13:00
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Radio KTDN: Achieving Tomorrow

--It's a kind of journey, but not a road trip.
--It's a kind of symphony, but by many composers.
--It's not a party, but it is celebratory.


Ktahdn, via Lord Chaos, has announced a special event: Achieving Tomorrow!
When: Saturday, May 24th at 11:00 KI Time

Duration: 4 hours
Where: Watcher's Sanctuary, MOULa.
Presenters: The Rooftop Volunteer Group, co-sponsored with the Cavern Gigglers' Association.

Music will be on Shoutcast. It is recommended to use any player except for VLC.

Link 1
Link 2 (if Link 1 doesn't work)

Music will be on the air for about an hour before the event for those that want to test their connection.  After the event, the D'ni Musicological Research hood will continue playing music on their own server to keep the good times going.

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Guild & Groups Posters/Adverts Needed!

UPDATE: The deadline for the first batch of entries to be included in the initial release of the Pub has now closed, but you can still send in your advert so it can be included in a future update!

Greetings fellow explorers!

As some of you may be aware, members of the Guild of Messengers and the Guild of Writers are working to restore a portion of Ae'gura inside of the Mount overlooking the main courtyard. These efforts are proceeding smoothly, with general explorer access likely by mid-June. Within this area is a bulletin board for posters, adverts, and informational items.

The Guild would like to "open the floor" for explorer submissions in this new area.  Unfortunately, due to time constrants, all such postings must be submitted by 23:00 KI-time on May 24th, 2014 for inclusion by the opening date.  Due to the busy schedules of all involved, any posters or adverts submitted after this time will have to be put up at a later date.

Our apologies for being unable to provide more notice and project lead time due to our restoration schedule. Understanding and support in regards to matter by the cavern community is apprecated.

Send your entries to

Thanks for your time and attention.  The GoMe restoration team hopes to hear from your group soon!

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A Legend Returns to the DMR: Ranting Thespian

Beginning with the first D'ni Musicological Research hood broadcast in June of 2010, Ranting Thespian was known for his live concerts such as Songs of Protest, Quirky Songs, and performed his final live concert in 2010 with his version of Dark Side of the Moon. He also deserves thanks for providing the first use of broadcast site and getting the DMR broadcasts started using it.

RT returns to the DMR on Saturday, May 17 at 18:00 KI time to perform the songs of the Beatles live on the new DMR server.

Please join the fun in the DMR hood for the reunion and dance party.  You can listen in at .

All are welcome!

D'ni Location: 
D'ni Musicological Research hood
Date of the event: 
May 17, 2014 - 18:00 - 20:00
Submitted by: 

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