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Cyan working on a new game property

At Cyan's new forums, discussion in a topic titled Looking Forward to that Kickstarter ;) turned into a puzzle hunt when Ryan Warzecha ("greydragon") dropped the following teaser:

Where is everyone? Where is the wild speculation? The pages of discussion? Has everything moved to tumblr? I mean when someone leaks an image, you kind of hope for people to look at it. 
What happened?
Discussion turned to an image posted to Cyan's Facebook page by Cyan employee Eric A. Anderson ("edoublea").  After Eric and Ryan dropped a few clues, Ryan challenged fans:
No more hints... Let the game begin!
Since then, Cyantists have posted additional pictures and clues, in which forum puzzle participants have identified hidden messages including the slogan, "Prepare To Be Scattered..."
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All Guilds Meeting - September 2013

Yet another All Guilds Meeting is over - and this one, clocking in at just under three quarters of an hour, might just be one of the shortest AGMs in recent history. Even though Doobes, everyone's favourite AGM moderator (at least when that handsome devil of a co-Guild Master isn't around...), was absent due to real life reasons, Lyrositor was able to serve as a substitute for the duration of the meeting. As usual, if you missed the meeting (or if you don't trust your memory), our chatlogs are available here, both raw and cleansed; if you don't feel like going through logs, you can also read our brilliantly written summary (currently being submitted as a candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature):

Guild of Linguists

KathAveara (formerly known as DLordOfTime) was first to present for the newly-reformed Guild of Linguists, since the old D'ni Linguistic Fellowship (DLF) has been inactive for quite a while now. He wishes to continue the old guild's work on the languages of the world of D'ni (D'ni, Narayani and Bahro). You can check out its website here (currently being expanded by Kath). Read more

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Video Games Live Level 3 Kickstarter

Video Games Live, the music concert created by Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall (composer for Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation) is running a fundraiser on Kickstarter for a third album.  The kickstarter runs until approximately 9AM Eastern (07:00 KI time) on Friday, September 13th.

Fans may recall that Video Games Live's original album featured a medley of music from Myst, Uru, Exile, and Revelation.  At this time, no new Myst compositions have been announced for the 3rd album (though anyone pledging $10,000 or more could make that happen!); thus far, music from The Secret of Monkey Island, Street Fighter II, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have been announced as planned compositions should the fundraiser succeed.

Of special note, unlike Video Games Live's second album, all of the music for the third album is to be recorded without a live audience.

Last but not least, Tommy Tallarico will be holding an AMA ("Ask Me Anything") on popular social news site this coming Sunday September 8th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern (18:00 KI time).

Update 11-Sep-2013:  The Kickstarter is funded, AND music from DOTA 2 by Tim Larkin (composer for Uru and MYST 5: End of Ages) will be included on the new album!

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D'ni Sphider, a New Search Engine for the D'niverse

Long-time community member Mac_Fife recently announced the release of his latest project, D'ni Sphider, an exciting tool for D'niverse archivists, historians and anyone else interested in learning more about the D'ni and their worlds. It consists of a search engine (powered by the open source Sphider web spider and search engine) capable of finding information spread across the various Myst and Uru websites using no more than a few keywords (think Google for Myst, Uru and anything else related to Cyan Worlds, the difference being that results are guaranteed to be relevant to the D'niverse). Read more

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Heritage Night In Need Of New Management

It's with great regret that we must announce that DimensionTravelerCalum has decided to hang up his hat and move on to bigger and better things.  Before he goes, however, he would like to turn the reins of Heritage Night over to someone who is keen on continuing the tradition.

For those not in the know about Heritage Night, it's a semi-regular get-together created by Carl Palmner for the purpose of retelling various events from the multiple D'ni restoration efforts, such as Prologue, MOUL, etc, for those that didn't get to be there.  These recountings are usually told by explorers who were present during those events and are usually held in the Ages/areas in question.  Soon, the responsibility was passed to DTC, who has continued presiding over the acclaimed informative meetings ever since.

If anyone is genuinely interested in continuing Cal's great work, there are many ways to get in touch with him on HN's Contact Page.

Skype: researcherwisemon
pesterChum/MSPA forums: researcherWisemon
MOULa: KI# 203751  (DimensionTravelerCalum)
STEAM: CTraveler263
MYSTcommunity: CalumTraveler
FanFiction.Net: UruExplorer DTC
DeviantArt: CalumTraveler Read more

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