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D'niPalooza 2013!

Still riding the wave of their recent sucess, the new International Hood is busy preparing for their next event! Combining a Summer Music Fest and Cavcon Awareness party, this event has been dubbed D'niPalooza 2013!

Here's what the sponsors of IHP has to say about the event:

IHP wrote:
Coming this July 27th, the International Hood will be hosting a music extravaganza that will feature the cavern’s finest musical talents! The upcoming event will be held in the cavern and will showcase music from many musicians who will be sharing their music, be it original or cover, solo or group, and in many genres.

If you are a musician and would like to participate in this event, please see the requirements below for submitting your music. Your pre-recorded music will be stored on a server, sorted by genre and played in its particular segment. A schedule will be posted so that you may attend and “take the stage” while your music is being streamed. The event will be recorded so that those who cannot attend will be able to enjoy at your leisure. Please contact Edisonrex Ki # 21671071 or his email if you would like to participate in this event. Edisonrex will provide you with a password and instructions for uploading.

We are looking for people who would like to host segments of this event as a DJ/Personality. A server is being provided for you to host your stream from. We will be having a general meeting on [to be announced] in the International Hood for all those who are interested in participating in this extraordinary event. For those unable to attend the meeting, please follow updates on the events forum.

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All Guilds Meeting - June 2013

The first day of June...and that means the first All Guilds Meeting of the (unofficial start of) summer!  Many presentations this month, which you can read about in both the raw and cleansed chatlogs, as well as this handy summary below:

Cavern Theater

Zeke365 came up first to talk a bit about his new project, the Cavern Theater, a talent show that can include stories, karaoke, short plays, and more.  Anyone is welcome to participate.  The first event will be June 21st at 21:00 KI time.  Read more about the project here.

D'nipalooza 2013

I.H.P.X. was next to present for the International Hood, introducing a festival event dubbed D'nipalooza, where they intend to feature several musicians for the purpose of raising funds for the CAVCON.  Read more about it at this forum thread if interested. Read more

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Remastered Myst Soundtrack Now Available!

Greetings everyone!
As announced on Robyn Miller's Twitter feed today (and just in time for the 20th anniversary), the remastered Myst Soundtrack is now available as part of the Retro Game Music Bundle!
The Level 1 bundle (which includes the remastered soundtrack) is only a dollar, and it's only available for 13 days, so hightail it over there and get you some remastered music goodness!
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Cyan Worlds Restores MOULa Account Creation

Some good news for those attempting to take their first steps into the cavern...or trying to regain control of their existing accounts.

Cyan Worlds, Inc., with the help of Mac[_Fife] of, have restored the Account Creation and Password Reset systems!  As many probably noticed, both of those functions have been offline since late last month.  Since then, the company has been working when they can to restore these essential systems so new people can experience D'ni.

From Chogon's post:

Hi all,

The MOULa account creation and password reset is back ONLINE and ready for use (I see already several have created new accounts!).

Many thanks to Mac_Fife for allowing Cyan to use the account creation and password reset system that he wrote for And with his help I was able integrate it into the MOULa servers (which have a different account system).
And besides getting the account creation back online, we now have a more easily maintainable system than before.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support!


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to getting these crucial functions restored.  Welcome to all newcomers who have been trying to get in...and to those returning with recovered passwords!

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Guild of Writers Releases New CWE Build

Some good news for programmers out there... the Guild of Writers/H'uru has once again begun to post new builds of the Engine (CWE) for all to use! The public releases had to be stopped awhile back due to licensing issues, but the problem was recently solved and work has resumed!

For those not technically inclined, CWE is the game engine that runs Myst Online: URU Live Again and was released as open source over two years ago. Many of the fixes Cyan Worlds, Inc. has incorporated since have been derived from various programmers' work with the engine. In addition to the client, you can also download the Max 2012 Plugin for Age creation, based on the plugin Cyan used to create Uru's Ages.

The old builds had to be removed due to the aforementioned licensing problems, so a new thread has been started for all future build releases. For any questions, read Hoikas' original post and ask your questions there.

A big thank you to all those programmers out there who continue to improve and expand MO:ULa for us all!

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