September All Guilds Meeting Summary

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Last Saturday, as all first saturdays of each month, there has been the Guilds Fair in Kirel and once again there have been a lor of attendees to the All Guilds Meeting at 13.00 KiTime!

you can download the edited chat log from here

And here's the summary:
Guild of Maintainers: Marcus Wheeler is promoting a restructuring of the Guild to try to get it going once again. The idea is to create a temporary Guild Council of 2 or 3 people who will manage the "wake up" process, recruit new members and organize everything the Maintainers need to do their job.

OHB: OHB announced that his Arch-Nemesis Bevin was (is?) open for everyone to link and play with a prototype of the Bomb Robot that scared us in Ae'gura some months ago. He gave some stats for his projects: OHBot's approaching the 96,000th question asked and he's met over 2,500 people. There are over 1,100 KI numbers in the KIDirectory. Rel.to has been updated with all links to OHB's Projects. OHB's still working on resolving the problems of BabelBot with Brazilian explorers. OHB's big announcement was the ULP, Uru Localization Project, the goal of the project is to get MO:UL translated into as many languages as possible and to release language packs. It is already growing and some languages are almost ready. OHB is also working on creating new fonts for Uru since some languages will need to use other characters (Greek, Thai, etc)

Guild of Writers: Branan (aka PaladinOfKaos) has made probably the biggest annoucement of the Meeting: he is creating a new MOULClient called Plasma Client, the project is not complete yet but it works. It will be OpenSource, this means that we'll be finally able to create new features for Uru, fix some issues, etc. Examples of possible improvements are: supporting international characters, having a game compatible with the major OS (Windows, Linux, Mac), etc.
The Guild of Writers has been running a contest since May, the D'ni Location Contest, organized by KaelisEbonrai. The final date for submitting a D'ni Location to the contest was August 31st and there have been some wonderful entries. The winning entry was rustee's "Vothol Gallery". All the entries can be found on Drizzle.
And last but not least, during the last month a public GoW Shard has been opened for all the Uru:CC users. Check out the GoW Forums for more infos.

The Great Tree: Marten updated us on the status of the GT Documentaries Project. The GT Documentaries are a series of video Documentaries about the facts happened in Uru during Prologue (years 2003-2004), the projects was suspended with the announcement of the closure of MOUL but now Marten has decided to continue with it. The Team is already at work, the script for Episode 8 is ready, as well as the one for Episode 9; Marten is entering all the text in Premiere (the video editing software he uses) and when he'll finish the filming sessions will begin. The sessions always need actors so everyone is welcome to participate; the dates will be posted on the MOUL forums, GoMe website and in the Cavern Events KImail.

Guild of Messengers: The Cavern Criers are always growing and we hope to be able to cover as many timzones as possible with our News Runs, althought we still can't guarantee anything because the Criers are not required to do their job on fixed times, they enter randomly. The GoMe website is finally updated! And it has a better support for international languages and translations! We also have a new feature "Customize your RSS Feed" which allows you to receive only the news you are interested into using our Tags System. This feature may also be very useful for the groups that import our feed into their website (like MystCommunity Forums and Myst Headlines from Myst Embassy). We hope to see many groups using our Feed to import Myst related news to their forums. The GoMe Newspaper is still in development, we are creating a new Logo and news graphics. We also have many articles ready so we are getting closer to the first issue, but we don't have yet a release date. The Messengers have also been busy discussing their rules, since we didn't accept any news from any other Uru server than the official one after the Pelishard incident. But since now there are already 2 public Shards we have dicussed and we have decided we'll accept news from other shards with some little restrictions. You can read our (short) rules here

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