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Garden Party, Pub Crawl, and Dance
March 5-7

Welcome back to URU! It's definitely time for a PARTY!! The Guild of Maintainers is sponsoring a Cavern-wide weekend-long BLOCK PARTY BASH, and YOU'RE INVITED! Get together, have fun, get back in touch with old friends and make some new ones. Welcome back to the Neighborhood! Welcome back to the Cavern!

The PUB CRAWL: Each party day has a pub attached to it. Are you in-between activities or just want a change in atmosphere? Stop by the day's pub and hang out!

The GARDEN PARTY and DANCE: Contact Guild of Maintainers in-Cavern at KI#: 38486, or andy legate on the MOUL or GoMa forums, for your "party ticket" -- your invitation to Er'cana, Eder Gira, and Kadish Tolesa! Remember to provide your KI number!

All times listed are Cavern Time (MST, or GMT-7).

March 5: Just Getting Warmed Up
* Pub Crawl of the Day: The Maintainers' Pub
* Evening Area: Er'cana (Guild of Maintainers' Er'cana)
** Activities **
Train rides, rock climbing, possibly a ceremonial Pellet Drop

March 6: Garden Party!
* Pub Crawl of the Day: Ae'gura Pub

*Morning Area: Eder Gira
9am - 2pm Cavern Time: Eder Gira Garden Party (Guild of Maintainers' Eder Gira)
** Activities **
9am Cavern Time: Eder Gira memorial photo shoot with Crazyraider312! There will be a Maintainers photo -- anyone who'd like to be in it, please wear a red hard hat and optionally the Maintainer T-shirt. Other groups should contact Crazyraider (KI#: 670418) to coordinate their photos!
A Marker Mission for Eder Gira will be available; contact Jishin (KI#: 82165) for a copy.

*Evening area: Eder Delin (Guild of Maintainers' Bevin)
6pm-whenever: Eder Delin Garden Party
** Activities **
Door-solving, snowball fights, hot cocoa, ghost stories

March 7: The Kadish Rave
* Pub Crawl of the Day: The Watcher's Pub

Morning Area: Kadish Tolesa Ballroom (Guild of Maintainers' Kadish Tolesa)
** Activities **
* 9am - 2pm Cavern Time: Music and dancing
A Marker Mission for Kadish Tolesa may be available

Evening Area: Kadish Tolesa Moon Room (Guild of Maintainers' Kadish Tolesa)
** Activities **
* 6pm - whenever: Music and dancing
A Marker Mission for Kadish Tolesa may be available

We are still in need of DJs for March 7: second half of the morning shift, and all of the evening shift. If you can help, please contact Jishin (KI#: 82165).

Looking forward to a great time, and hope to see you all there!

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March 5, 2010 (All day) - March 7, 2010 (All day)
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