Myst V: End of Ages on Steam and GOG!

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Cyan Worlds, Inc., together with Ubisoft, has announced that Myst V: End of Ages will be made available for download on the Steam game-distribution platform starting this Friday! And if Steam doesn't get your blood boiling for this, then maybe some Good Old Games will: Cyan also stated that GOG.com will be distributing the game soon after as well.  No price has been mentioned yet.

So if you haven't played the final entry in the Myst series (although, hopefully, maybe the end can never truly be written), now's the time!

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Lyrositor and Trekluver

Now we'll be able to add the maps from Myst 5 into Deep Island, TOC, URU Shards, etc!! SWEET & NICE! Where is the TUTORIAL FOR THOSE/THAT?

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It's been known for a some of time how to convert the Myst V files to other versions of the Plasma engine, and who owns a copy of Myst V can already do that using Drizzle. So it's not something new of something that will be possible because of this GoG and Steam having it.

However you always have to remember that converting files between the games is somewhere in a grey area legally, if not completely illegal (I'm not sure). For sure you'd break the End User Licence Agreement.


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