January All Guilds Meeting Summary

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Summary for the All Guilds Meeting of January in Kirel!

The Chat log of the whole Meeting can ge downloaded here.

After taking care of some trolls that tried to kidnap Leo in their relto themeeting started. :D

shokhootahn Rehn (aka r’Tayrtahn): shokhootahn Rehn updated us with news that he is working on porting D’ni language classes from Second Life over to URU. Classes should be in the cavern in the next month or two. Additionally story nights are being held in Tsahno’s neighborhood on Saturday evenings at 10:00 PM KI time. The story nights collectively cover the history of the D’ni, beginning with the exodus of the Ronay from Garternay to the D’ni cavern. Story nights are currently covering the events of the game Myst IV: Revelation. Only the story and back-story will be discussed and no solutions to any of the puzzles will be given.

Guild of Messengers: Whilyam’s article has open up discussion on how to improve Guild. Everyone is welcome to participate by going on forums via visitors section. http://rel.to/gome
The magazine team has already begun work on the next issue of the Go! Magazine. There is a special surprise anticipated for that issue. Also there are already some articles planned about D’ni linguistics. Other article ideas for magazine are welcomed. In addition input on what other guilds are doing is being sought after. Ideas can be posted on GoMe forums or emailed to go[AT]guildofmessengers[DOT]com
Rel.to suffered from some problems on Friday before meeting. A hosting problem caused it to get deleted from the server where it was but it was put back in its place before the start of the meeting and is working fine. Some of the links to GoMe website may suffer of a sudden “language” change due to a change in how the website deals with multilanguage but those should not be big problems.

Darryl Pogue (aka Paradox): Darryl was speaking on behalf of PlasmaClient/PyPRP teams. Lontahv spent his holiday break working on a new version of PyPRP and there has been progress on that front. It will work with Blender 2.5 and does some fancy stuff like auto-vertex colouring based on lights. There are still some issues with Blender 2.5 so it isn’t certain when it will be done. For PlasmaClient Yootay has been doing most of the work during the past month. Improvements have been made for mouse response. Avatars are now visible in debug draw mode as triangles. Stereoscopic support for the renderer has been added so if you have red/blue 3D glasses you can enable 3D rendering in PC. Zoom has also been added using right mouse button with wheel. Latest version has been built and is available for download on the PC website http://rel.to/plasmaclient

Guild of Doorcallers: In order to help explorers solve Eder Delin and Eder Tsogal there is a weekly door runs marathon. Anyone interested in solving those two ages or helping others solve them can meet at 11:00 AM KI time every Saturday and Sunday at Tokotah Alley.

Guild of Maintainers: Andy Legate spoke for the Guild. Recognition is given to GoW and all Age creators out there. The UAM indicates that there were 29 brand new Ages posted in 2010 and it has been an incredible achievement. The GoMa suffered a server crash on New Year’s Eve. The forum had not been backed up since Oct. 9th. Many posts, PM’s, and 8 new tutorials written by Andy Legate and several new inspection reports were lost. Nynaveve who hosts the server will be bowing out. On January 31 she will be turning the server off. Andy Legate has purchased an online host and will be taking over payment on the domain name and the GoMa forum and website have been moved to the new host. Once the forum has been moved Andy Legate will do some rearranging of it. Old forums no longer used will be archived. Maintainer Inspection forums will be given a higher visibility. The Age Creation tutorials are being moved to UAM wiki for now and later will be added to the GoW wiki. Many maintainers will be doing more inspections on many of the new Ages that have been put out. FTP hosting will be gone for now but if there are enough people who want FTP hosting on the GoMa server then that can be set up down the road. Also Writers can come over to the GoMa and post an inspection request and Maintainers will be lurking over at GoW to see if a new age has been posted and then will ask if it is okay to do an inspection.

OHB: OHB told us that the reason for OHBot’s disappearance was a server failure on 12/4/2010. The good news is that he has the server running. The bad news is that OHBot’s website was stored on the server that failed. There has been trouble recovering data due to the fact that the latest backup wasn’t exactly as recent as it could be. A big thank you was given to the person who donated the new server. OHBot’s website will hopefully be up and running in the next couple of days. OHBot is now back online and is in the Guild of Robots Neighborhood. URU Localization Project is coming along very well and new volunteers are always welcome. There was a new release of Babelbot to fix a couple of issues.

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