Heritage Night

"Heritage Night" is an opportunity for explorers who did not get to participate in the events of Gametap's MOUL to live out those events by proxy through the words and stories of explorers who were there.  Each Tuesday evening at 6:00pm KI Time in Heritage Night's Bevin (with some "field trips" to other areas), a portion of the Gametap-MOUL story will be told by the host, beginning with the return of explorers to the cavern after the hiatus that followed Prologue, detailing the important events of the Restoration, the Bahro Civil War, and the actions of central figures like Douglas Sharper and Dr. Watson that culminated in Yeesha's rescue of the explorers and their subsequent exodus from the cavern.  The event will possibly include a complementary Marker game related to the events of the day's story chapter.

While this event is meant primarily for explorers who were unable to participate in the "MOUL" story, all exporers are welcome and after the "storytelling" segment of the event there will be a general discussion in which "Gametap veterans" will have the chance to share their own anecdotes with newer folks.  The event is currently managed by DimensionTravelerCalum (KI# 203751), who will also serve as host for at least the first night (with the possibility of others acting as host at later dates).

{NOTE: if you are interested in hosting, please contact KI# 203751 for Details!}
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Heritage Night's Bevin
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Repeats every week until Tue Mar 01 2011 .
January 25, 2011 - 18:00
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