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April Discoveries Bring May MYSTeries (a.k.a. ADBMM) Cavern Project is a GO!

     Check out the new cavern project I've started. The goal is to plan events through the month of April so that the month of May can be all about Myst. From cavern events, to marker games, to reading the Myst novels, to sitting down for a playthrough of Myst IV anyone can participate in or out of cavern. I still need several people to help out so stop by the MOUL forums and see what all the fuss is about!

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Illusions in the Cavern

Many explorers have been worried about the recent events in the Cavern. However according to the DRC, who researched it, there is nothing to worry about and there will come planned events for this kind of special effects.

As Dr. Watson said


Recently explorers experienced some strange sights in the cavern, raising some concerns about whether the Bahro were returning to the Cavern in larger numbers, among other things. Fortunately, our investigation has determined that Yeesha and the "friendly Bahro" are still keeping the "bad Bahro" at bay, and the sights in the cavern were a very convincing, elaborate hoax.

In the meantime, other explorers have asked for permission to set up a specific neighborhood to perform similar shows for those explorers who are interested. The DRC members have been in discussions and have decided to allow this. Two new neighborhoods will be created - "The Hood of Illusions", where illusionists and special effects designers can schedule demonstrations of their abilities, and "The Fun House" where various illusions and special effects can displayed at any time.

We hope these compromises will encourage cooperation between explorers no matter what stance they hold on whether these displays should be allowed in the Cavern.

Be careful down there,

Dr. Watson


For the OOC explanation : http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=364942#364942

Hebrew Literacy Program (HeLP)

From: Hebrew Literacy Program
Date: Fri. Nov. 26th, 2010
Subject: About this Bevin (HeLP)
This Bevin (HeLP) was set up for the purpose of teaching Hebrew Literacy (Classical/Biblical & Modern/Israeli) to anyone in the URU Community who’s interested. Although avatars are used in URU Live, the main mode of voice communication will be on Skype. It can be downloaded from Skype.com along with setting up a free account. Voice quality is better on Skype. ALL students must have a mic to communicate as URU’s Client software currently won’t display Hebrew text. For voice quality HeLP will not be using visual on Skype.
Depending on how well HeLP grows I’ll likely consider translating the material of URU Live into Hebrew.
During class HeLP will be PRIVATE & only registered students who have KI invites will have access through the Nexus terminal. When there are no classes HeLP will be set on PUBLIC. More information will be posed on the HeLP Bevin imager by the fountain.
~Hebrew Literacy Program
KI # 09077740
D'ni Location: 
Hebrew Literacy Program's Bevin
Date of the event: 
March 6, 2011 (All day)
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Hebrew Literacy Program
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Prologue Video Filming

For immediate release:

FILMING for the Great Tree Prologue Documentaries, Episode 8 (and possibly 9 as well) will commence at 3PM Cavern Time (3PM Mountain Standard Time) Saturday December 11 and on onward that day as possible.  Watch for me to sign in - my KI is #26838.  When I sign in, I will set the Great Tree Bevin to appear on the Nexus, and participants may gather there.

For those who have never participated in one of these filming sessions, here is what to expect and what I will be looking for:

In General:

  • I will need one or two people to help with "crowd control" for filming in Ae'gura (letting people linking into the area know that filming is in progress, and preventing new people from disrupting continuity in film scenes.)
  • I will be operating two avatars, one to give filming instructions and to interact with the crowd (sometimes acting out a part myself), and another avatar for filming.  Parts that I may act include Brian Fioca and Phil Henderson.
  • All instruction for scenes will be provided by text chat.  This will typically take the form of instructions like "Actor A, I want you to hold your TAB key for 3 seconds.  Actor B, when Actor A is done, I want you to hold your TAB key for 5 seconds.  Actor C, when that is done, I want you to laugh (/lol)."  
  • If you aren't familiar with it, the TAB key is normally used for voice chat so be aware that when you hold this key down you may be broadcasting your microphone input to the cavern.  However, the Prologue videos do not use voice so what you broadcast will not be part of the video. Read more

D'ni Location: 
Great Tree Bevin
Date of the event: 
December 11, 2010 - 15:00

Jahmen's Journal Game Series of Stories & Clue Quests

Jahmen created an extensive series of Journal Quest story games that play IC in Quest's Bevin starting with an image post message.  (Note: The unforseen flaw to the Posted Imager Message is that it is often missing from others posting images and pushing them off, so we keep re-posting them as often as possible!)  The Series was created for explorers who had exhausted all the known MOUL, again game content.  It was hoped for that Jahmen's Quest Series success might develop others interests in the Quest Game format  to form a Guild of Quests group of creators as the means to create a steady flow of new and interesting content. The Quest Series is designed for multiple players in teams, groups or neighborhoods to play, as evidenced by many individual explorers having given up on "Vault Secrets" severity of difficulty in aquiring the marker clues. 

The Quest Series was intended for explorers to recruit or enlist others to help them with the Game Series.  The intrugue of the story line was to support the interests to solving the difficult Clue Quests having a wide range of variation to the puzzles and in order to acquire the next Journal Quest story piece in the series.  The Story Quests are made up of 112 small sentence text markers that read out in single line order.  It has been going on for 2 weeks now by word of mouth. This will be the last week that it will be hosted before it stops.  The Game "codes" have been changing to Identify players and to enforce the Quest Series rules. Read more

D'ni Location: 
Quest's Bevin is Start Location & Simon Templer KI#07297522 is first Quest distributor.
Date of the event: 
November 22, 2010 - 17:26 - November 28, 2010 - 17:00
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