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Annabelle's 3rd Quest Release: The Grandiose Journey

Shorah b’shem, fellow cavern explorers!

I have the privilege to announce Annabelle (Ki #3632553) has once again released another of her famous Marker Quests! What is this new installment you may ask? Well step right up, the Guild of Messengers are here to help provide you with all the info you need!

This newest installment is entitled “The Grandiose Journey”. According to Annabelle, this special journey is a total of 18 Marker Quests within the Age of Er’cana, which she has further divided into three smaller sections. What are these smaller groups you may be asking? Don’t worry we have that info for you, too! 11 quests are within “Pellets Processing”, another 3 quests in the “Canyon Area”, and finally, 4 quests sharing a similar name with entire Journey, “The Grandiose Path”.

For those who are excited to hear about this newest release, contact the special avatar which has been set up to receive all the marker missions: The Grandiose Journey (KI # 13021422)

Good luck to all the adventurous souls who follow in the footsteps of such a daring explorer and veteran skydiver!

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Improving the Ignore Function

The prevailing atmosphere of URU has always been that of community. Most of the people we meet in the game are friendly and have come into cavern to meet new people and explore the wonderful Ages that we have all come to enjoy. Occasionally though, we come across people who come into the cavern with more malicious intent.

Every online game has its own share of griefers and trolls who seem to be there just to make the experience less enjoyable for everyone else, and unfortunately, MOULa is no different.  There were less trolls when MOUL was hosted by Gametap due to the fact that it had paid subscriptions and Restoration Engineers policing the game. People could be reported if their actions became offensive to other players on the Live Support service and ResEngs would deal with them.

Recently there have been more frequent incidents with trolls and griefers in the cavern. In the current version of MOUL there is no longer an effective system in place for reporting trolls and griefers so their efforts can go unimpeded. The game currently has an ignore function, but, in its current state, it doesn't completely eliminate harassment. In the past, we've had to make due with using this function as a way to deter unfriendly explorers. Now that work on open source is underway, people are thinking of more efficient ways to deal with this problem. Read more

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UruObsession closing

Dan'ni, site staff/admin of UruObsession, has posted an announcement that UO will be closing its doors.  UO has been one of the longest-running Uru-focused community sites.  Here is a copy of the announcement:

"We have an announcement to make - we're going to keep it brief:
It's been a great honor for us to run this site for all of you, but as all things must eventually end, so the time has come for UO to end as well. After 10 years of being online in various forms, starting with Mudpie Obsession, the forum will officially shut down on New Year's Eve. All of us at URU Obsession's Staff would like to thank you all for being part of this project - without you UO would have never been such a big part of the Myst community.
Perhaps someday we will meet again, someplace else.
-The Staff"
There is also a discussion at the Myst Online forums along with the suggestion that UO's forums could be archived.  UO's "Cavern Today" section holds many of the discussion logs and event updates from Uru Prologue (2003-2004) and MO:UL (2006-2008).
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New Discoveries: Opening of the Rift

Artifacts have recently been discovered in the cavern and the Ages-- artifacts providing clues that could revolutionize cavern life!

Simon (Ki# 05495449 ) has been hired by the investigators working to preserve these artifacts as their official representative. At this time, the lead investigator does not wish too much information to be released to the general public, but they want you to know they will require volunteers to help. There is a need for as many explorers as possible to join the investigation, because the puzzle ahead will not easy.


Edit: Update on meeting time, Saturday, December 10, 13:00 KI time, Alexander Rush's Hood.

There will be a meeting in Alexander Rush's Hood on Saturday, December 3 at 14:30 KI time (4:30pm US Eastern) for anyone interested in the project. Note that this is right after the All Guilds Meeting. If you can't make the meeting, don't worry! All important information will on the Guild of Messengers website.

If you would like to sign up for the project (to receive all of the missions), send a KI message to Alexander Rush (Ki# 13924302).


D'ni Location: 
Alexander Rush's Hood
Date of the event: 
December 10, 2011 - 13:00
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Sunday Brunch

The First Sunday Brunch since MOUL's shutdown, when Swifthawk last hosted, was held @ the tent in the Plaza with a big turn out from 10am to 1pm. We ran over until 3pm; it was so much fun!

DJ Watashi will be serving up Blues/Country/Rock every week - same time, same station.  It's easy for you to hook-up to the music as we provide an Avatar whose name is the URL ( Brought to you by the URU Cavern Skydivers and Gira Entertainment Radio.

We expect to have some old Guest DJ's in the future if we can get them rounded up and hunted down. Most are over in SL making Lindens to help pay the cost of feeding our addiction in both URU and SL LOL!

Hope to see you all there....

D'ni Location: 
Plaza in the City
Date of the event: 
Repeats every week until Tue Jan 01 2013 .
November 20, 2011 - 10:00 - 13:00

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