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Riven Daggers Replicas

DaggersCommunity member MYSTRIVEN has announced that he has managed to produce some exact replicas of the Moiety Daggers from Riven, with the consent of Cyan Worlds! Using 3D Models and laser cutting, he has managed to manufacture 40 copies of these iconic objects from Riven.

The daggers are designed through the use of software, unlike Museum Replicas' daggers, which use a mold, and are hand-painted to match the texture of the Moiety daggers. The full creation process is described in detail in this forum thread, so if you happen to have professional industrial design software, a laser cutting facility, painting and texturing skills you can produce the same result yourself!

Cyan has allowed the production of these daggers, so in effect all legal aspects are covered by the following disclaimer:

"The Riven Dagger is a trademark of Cyan Worlds. Used with permission."

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Annabelle's 5th Quest Release: The D'ni Cavern

Annabelle has just released her 5th quest release, The D'ni Cavern, available starting on March 10th, 2012. What follows is her press release for the latest installment in her amazing series of marker quests:

You’ll travel inside all the Cavern’s most famous public ages: D’ni-Kirel, your Neighborhood, D’ni-K’veer, The Great Zero, and all the Pubs with my 23 brand new quests. 
To the questions: “What’s behind that door?” visiting Kirel or “What’s beyond that curtain?” visiting a Pub, you’ll find the answer within my quests. 
You want to visit the Kirel’s auditorium or light garden like you never expected you could do it? Try my quests. 
My coverage is almost complete in all the above-mentioned ages. 
Awesome discoveries are awaiting, take those journeys right now! 
If you want my quests, ask me in PM on MOULa’s official forum or directly in-game sending a KI-mail to Annabelle (KI # 03632553)
Annabelle also simulatenously announced the release of the 17th quest of her previous release, Into Darkness, which she calls "by far, the HARDEST quest, I ever published yet!"
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All Guilds Meeting & Fair Info Extravaganza!

Shorah, fellow explorers and cavern dwellers! 

On behalf of the "gophers" of the Guild of Messengers, Nev'yn will be hosting a special info session about the guild, its current projects, and also do some recruiting. This special event is reminiscent of the old "guild fair" previously held in Kirel. In honor of the occasion, music will be provided, and since GoMe has some extra funds in its budget, plans are in the works to have pizza delivered! 

Currently, the main two winning pizza selections are:

Teledahn Mushroom 'n Cheese or Spicy Quab w/Extra Sauce.

Provided by the Rooftop Volunteer Group's D'niJs, here's the link to the music stream:  http://radioktdn.zapto.org:8025/   

Nev'yn (KI# 14883206) will be manning our guild table on Saturday, March 3rd 2012 in Kirel at the time listed below. The seminar will last about one hour, with the All Guilds Meeting being held at its regularly scheduled time after the seminar.: 

11:00 KI-time Guild of Messengers Info Seminar

13:00 Ki-time All Guilds Meeting

The following topics will be discussed: Read more

D'ni Location: 
Date of the event: 
March 3, 2012 - 11:00
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Event Planning Session: Return Cyan to the Cavern!

Over in the MOULa forums, Jamie Marchant came up with a brief thought:

"How can we get Cyanists to visit the cavern?"

followed by a novel idea:

"What if players formed the Cyan Logo, while humming the corporate theme song, maybe it would attract some unexpected visitors?!?"

This is something that has already been done in the past, sometimes with success (some Explorers may remember the Summoning Yeesha event in sil-oh-wet's Bevin during the GameTap Era).

Well, guess what??? Now it's time to make this vision into reality once again! The betting odds are against us, but  all we can do is try!

A planning session for this event will be held in Jamie Marchant's Hood on Tuesday, March 6th at 15:15 KI-time. Help map out this future event, or drop by just to talk , have some fun, and good times!

Perhaps one our many cavern D'niJ's may even be there to provide some tunes! You'll have to stop in for a visit to find out!!!

D'ni Location: 
Jamie Marchant's Hood
Date of the event: 
March 6, 2012 - 15:15
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Party & Community Social

A special party for the Cavern community is being held within the Gay Hood's Hood on Saturday Feb 25th at 13.00KITime.

We are planning to have music there for dancing (thanks to D'niJ Christine!), plenty of fun, many laughs, and much socializing.  We hope to see both our old friends and new cavern-dwellers alike!!!  Gay or straight, it doesn't matter. This party is for everyone and anyone! We hope to see lots of friendly faces there for the fun times and crazy antics!

So, be sure to bring your dancing shoes, favorite party food, and beverage of choice! All cavern-folk are welcome to attend!!!

We hope to see you there on the 25th!!!

D'ni Location: 
Gay Hood's Hood
Date of the event: 
February 25, 2012 - 13:00
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