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CAVECON July 22 thru 28th

CAVECON:  CAVCON Awareness Party, July 22-28th

Explorers are raising awareness of the CAVCON meter (MOULa's financial health) this week.  A number of events have been scheduled already and the organizers are looking for more.


If you are interested in hosting or participating in any of these events, join in the discussion on the Myst Online forums!

Here are a few details shared with us by submitter Michelle Marquise:

We will have a 24/7 CAVECON  starting on July 22 thru 28th. We very much would love for everyone to participate. This event will be for all countries. Events can overlap so everyone can participate! Listed below is access to my calendar. Events will be posted there. It is blank right now and should fill up quickly. So please email me the name of your event, time, time zone and location in Uru, SL or OS Grid.

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Lyrobot: A New AI for the Cavern

Lyrositor announced yesterday the public unveiling of his latest project, Lyrobot, an artificial intelligence akin to OHBot and serving in The Fun House. It can accept a range of Fun House-specific commands, but can also interact at a basic level with other explorers, do math, predict portal times, link people to him automatically, and be controlled through his web interface, featuring Lyroscope (a live-time feed of what Lyrobot is seeing), the Age Chat (a web chat with Uru through Lyrobot), the KI Registry (vastly similar to the KI Directory), and a web control interface for illusions in The Fun House.

As of this day, Lyrobot is currently at version 1.0.1, and is comparatively limited when likened with OHBot; however, new features are being actively added by Lyrositor, and Lyrobot might eventually catch up to him. Lyrobot can usually be found in The Fun House, if he is online, which is not always guaranteed.

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All Guilds Meeting - July 2012

Shorah, everyone!  Sitting in the middle of summer did not stop this month's All Guilds Meeting, and this one had a couple of big developments!  Of course, we present the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs and a summary of all that went down.


Mac and rarified were first up for OU.  There was a bit of a rough time recently as wildfires in the midwestern United States caused the Minkata shard to shut down for awhile (as rarified had to evacuate his home), but thankfully, not only was his home spared, but (less importantly by comparison, of course) he was able to reconstitute everything in record time thanks to some earlier planning.  Bug fixes and testing continue, with a mention of another stress test party some time soon.

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The Return of Heritage Night

Heritage Night is back yet again! 

For those that have not heard of it, It is an event where new explorers can learn all about the history of what has happened in the cavern so far. We strive to make sure people know what has come before them. The schedule for this round is a bit wacky, so these weeks are the confirmed ones that we'll be doing before Mysterium. I'll add the August schedule once I know for sure what's up.

HN will take place on every Sunday in July at 12:00 KI time in the Heritage Night Hood.

Heritage Night was started in late 2010 by Carl Palmner for the benefit of new explorers who could not be there for the Previous Restorations.

D'ni Location: 
Heritage Night's Hood
Date of the event: 
Repeats every 7 days until Thu Aug 02 2012 .
July 1, 2012 - 12:00
Submitted by: 
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The Cavern Post 2.0

The Guild of Messengers is pleased to announce a new format for its magazine, The Cavern Post, known as The Cavern Post 2.0! Due to a lack of human resources and that precious thing called "time", we have decided to go for a lighter, web-based format to which anyone signed into the Guild of Messengers website can contribute as easily as writing a News post.  This will hopefully get the content out to everyone faster...and nobody's article gets left in limbo.

Each Article is then examined by the magazine team, tweaked if necessary, then the final approval is given by the magazine editor (with Guild Masters as assistant editors for now) before it is published for all to read. We already have one article ready thanks to Ahlisendar, so be sure to read it and leave comments!

NOTE: A print (PDF) version of the magazine may still be put out by the Guild if there is enough interest and enough articles down the line; it would just be more sporadic.

The magazine can now be viewed here or by clicking on the "Magazine" link at the top of our website.  We at the Guild of Messengers hope you enjoy the new format and please tell us what you think!

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