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The Cleft and Below Live!

The Cleft and Below Live! (TCaB Live!) is a new story night that aims to bring new stories of the Cavern to the community. Join Esto and other fellow explorers as they rediscover the D'ni cavern and find new adventures in the city that breathes, every Friday at 23:00 KI Time in Kirel.

Visit their blog for more information.

D'ni Location: 
Date of the event: 
Repeats every week on September every Friday until Sun Sep 08 2013 .
June 7, 2013 - 23:00
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Esto Centura
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Cyan Worlds Restores MOULa Account Creation

Some good news for those attempting to take their first steps into the cavern...or trying to regain control of their existing accounts.

Cyan Worlds, Inc., with the help of Mac[_Fife] of OpenUru.org, have restored the Account Creation and Password Reset systems!  As many probably noticed, both of those functions have been offline since late last month.  Since then, the company has been working when they can to restore these essential systems so new people can experience D'ni.

From Chogon's post:

Hi all,

The MOULa account creation and password reset is back ONLINE and ready for use (I see already several have created new accounts!).

Many thanks to Mac_Fife for allowing Cyan to use the account creation and password reset system that he wrote for OpenUru.org. And with his help I was able integrate it into the MOULa servers (which have a different account system).
And besides getting the account creation back online, we now have a more easily maintainable system than before.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support!


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to getting these crucial functions restored.  Welcome to all newcomers who have been trying to get in...and to those returning with recovered passwords!

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EuroVision: Malmo 2013!

Greetings again, fellow explorers!

As some of you may already know, the time have once again arrived for the much celebrated song and dance completion known as EuroVision!

This event has become a yearly tradition, allowing the myriad international members of the cavern community to gather together in the city and watch elating triumphs and harrowing defeats of the various competitors of this exciting show.

The event kicks off this Saturday, May 18th at 13:00 KI Time. Both the International Hood and the Guild of Sleepers have arranged for beverages and light snacks to be provided at various points around Ae'gura throughout the broadcast.

Let's have a great party, and good luck to this year's competitors!

D'ni Location: 
Date of the event: 
May 18, 2013 - 13:00

Spring Garden Party in Female's Hood

Spring is here, and we have many reasons to celebrate! On Friday the 17th of May, the Female Hood is putting on a music and dance party, chaperoned by none other than Mimi Bot, with special guests Yeesha, the Bahro, and Jeff Zandi! All explorers are welcome, there's something for everyone.

At 13:00 KI time, (3:00 PM in New York, 9:00 PM in Western Europe), send a private message to Mimi Bot with the single word, link, and you will be transported directly to the party in Eder Delin.

Haven't done this before? Just add Mimi Bot as a buddy. Use her KI number by typing /addbuddy 21420380. You can then send Mimi a private message to transport you to the party; click on Mimi Bot in your buddy list and then type link without any punctuation.

More details to come as next week progresses. Read more

D'ni Location: 
Magic Delin
Date of the event: 
May 17, 2013 - 13:00
Submitted by: 
Nellie Bly
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Explorers Needed: Bahro Linguistic Field Study & Expedition!

Famed author and field explorer Ainia, along with her research partner KathAveara, are launching a new project!

Having applied for research grants from both the D'ni Museum of Art (& Sciences) and the Guild of Cartographers, funding has been secured to support a moderately sized expedition team into the various Ages. This group, along with small teams of individual explorers, will investigate and decipher the nuances of Bahro script versus the Bahro murals known more commonly as "Bahroglyphs". This project will follow up on the work of the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship, whose records stored in DMoA archives were damaged severely sometime before the cavern's reopening.

Current job openings include, but are not limited to:

  • Field Research Assistants
  • On-site Photographers
  • Linguistic Analysts 
  • Data Catalogers
  • And others....

To apply for any of these jobs, to simply express interest, or to share other relevant skills, please contact the expedition's team leader, KathAveara (KI# 17967159). One may also express interest via a post in the corresponding MOULa forums thread, or contacting DLordofTime, the project's representative on the forums, via PM.

Safe journeys to Ainia, KathAveara, and good luck to their entire team! Be careful out there!

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