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2nd Annual CAVCON Awareness Party!

UPDATE: Due to the wonderful fundraising efforts of the party, the CAVCON meter, as of November 26th, is now at a healthy 4.3!  Congratulations to those who planned the party and a big thank you to everyone that donated!

(Original News Post:)

Greetings again, fellow cavern-dwellers!

We are proud to announce the cavern is once again hosting a yearly CAVCON Awareness Party!!!

The event will be held: Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24th in Ae'gura.

The Schedule


  • 16:00 to 20:00 KI time: Donahoo's Cocktail Party


The main courtyard of Takotah Plaza will be used at a gathering spot for general chat and event information. Exploration teams can then depart for other Ages/Instances of sites selected by the host Dni'Js to handle overflow and reduce lag. Read more

D'ni Location: 
Ae'gura - Takotah Courtyard
Date of the event: 
November 23, 2012 - 16:00 - November 24, 2012 - 23:00
Submitted by: 
Tai'lahr & Nev'yn
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Reminder: Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Project

Just a reminder that the Guild of Writers is still taking submissions for their Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Project!  Anyone is welcome to create a design and send it in for possible inclusion in Gehn shard's various hoods, much like was done for Eder Delin, Eder Tsogal, Gahreesen and the Great Zero in MOUL.  The best three designs will be chosen by a panel of judges from the GoW.

The guidelines for submissions are as follows:

  • The image used must be at least 256 by 256 pixels or larger (up to 1024 x 1024).
  • There must be two images: one full color image and another set to greyscale for reflection (see the forum post for more details on that)
  • The images must be in a "lossless" format.  If you're not sure what to use, the PNG format will suffice.

You can submit your creations to contest@guildofwriters.org by midnight Pacific Daylight Time on October 31st, or 01:00 KI time the next day.  Let's see what this talented community can do!

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Radio KTDN Blowout Broadcast!

Recently announced on the MOULa forums by Lord Chaos:

"This Saturday, October 6, will be the last formal Radio KTDN broadcast."

At approximately 11:00 ki-time an all day broadcast will begin featuring the hits and highlights of this amazing seven year run featuring over 500 shows. Reactions of the announcement have varied from nostalgic (Tai'lahr: "Suddenly all the memories are rising to the surface. Soooo many events in the cavern in which your show was not just a backdrop, but set the tone and took center stage.") to causiously bright and opitimistic (janaba: "We might as well still be dancing at the AGM!"). Read more

D'ni Location: 
Kirel, Ae'gura, and beyond!
Date of the event: 
October 6, 2012 - 11:00

Heritage Night Calling for Speakers and Managers

Heritage Night supervisor DimensionTravelerCalum is calling for speakers for the next round of Sunday nights, with the schedule to be planned around those interested in speaking.  He is also updating his call for managers for weekday nights, amending that any language is welcome to be used at HN, not just English.

No previous experience is required, as training will be provided. Previous knowledge of the canonical story itself is not required either. Other recommendations for managing can be found at the previous call for managers on the Heritage Night website

If you are interested in either job, you can contact DimensionTravelerCalum via the information on the Heritage Night website's Contact page. For more information on HN speaking and managing, click here.

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The Marker Editor

Following-up on his work for a Marker Exchange, Lyrositor announced at today's All Guilds Meeting that he has created a Marker Editor, a modified client for Uru that allows for the download and upload of marker games as text files through a set of simple KI commands. These files can then be edited by any text editing programs to customize an existing marker game or to create an entirely new one. The client is open-source and available for all to download and use.

Integration between the Marker Editor and Marker Exchange is planned, with games uploaded to the Marker Exchange being made available for download using the Marker Editor format. Read more

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