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D'nipalooza Schedule of Music Events!

[SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the MOULa server outage, the party has been rescheduled for Sunday, August 4th.  Should something happen then, the party will then be shifted to Saturday, August 10th.  As we understand it, the schedule and its times will remain the same.  Keep checking the MOUL forum thread for more updates]

D'nipalooza is fast approaching, and a tentative schedule of the music that will be played has been released!  The event itself will be centralized in Kirel (with some activities in Ae'gura) and will start at 09:00 KI time on July 27th, topped of with the D'ni Musicological Research hood conducting interviews with some of the various musicians in the cavern at 18:00 KI time.

The event will be broadcast over this site:  Here is the full schedule (times may vary a bit) [UPDATED 7/24]:

0900 [KI Time] - Welcome to D'NIPALOOOOOOOZAAAAAAA 2013!!! 'Palooza Opening - (Rock)
1030 - (Cavern Singers)
1100 - (Ambient)
1200 - (Ambient) Dance lessons and Cavern Conga in the Plaza
1230 - (Cavern Singers)
1300 - (Classical)
1400 - (Classical) Max's Music Quiz in the Plaza
1500 - (Jazz)
1530 - (Folk)
1600 - (Country and Western) Max's Music Quiz in the Plaza
1615 - (Cavern Singers)
1630 - (Rock) Cavern Conga in the Plaza
1700 - (Rock)
1800 - 2000 –DMR interview and new music in Kirel Read more

D'ni Location: 
Kirel and Ae'gura
Date of the event: 
August 4, 2013 - 11:00
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MO:ULa reaches CAVCON 1

The CAVCON meter, which measures the donation level for MO:ULa, has dipped below 2 for the first time since its inception way back in February of 2010: as of the 8th of July 2013, the meter is currently at CAVCON 1.2. This means that the reserve fund built up during the early CAVCON 4 months is now completely empty. In other words, if there aren't enough donations by the end of the month to cover operating costs, MO:ULa will not be able to pay for the month.

This does not necessarily mean it would go down immediately, as Cyan now rents MO:ULa on a yearly basis. However, if the situation continues over the following months, MO:ULa will go down, perhaps permanently. The others shards could keep operating, but unless a redistribution license is provided by Cyan to the various shard operators, new explorers wouldn't be able to play the game because there would be no way to get the game files through legal means.

Here's hoping that the upcoming D'nipalooza and CAVECON events manage to raise enough funds to cover the remaining 80% of costs.

If you have something to throw Cyan's way to keep MOULa running, head over to the donation page.  Let's keep the game and the community running!

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Myst Online: URU Live Again - Build 918 is Live!

It's been awhile since the last major update, but Cyan Worlds and hardworking fans have done it again.  A new build, 918, has been released for the masses to enjoy...with a ton of nice under-the-hood fixes!

Here's some of those bugs that have been conveniently squashed (as quoted from Chogon):

- Allow clickables while sitting or AFK
- Fixed various JPEG issues (see special note below)
- Free the cursor
- Fixed improper calculated initial window size
- Improved cursor
- Removed broken share from Sharper's Office link
- Fixed GreatZero stain glass to be random
- Avatar physics overhaul (affecting leaves in Kadish, rocks in Teledahn and much much more)
- Fixed pellet point stealing
- Fixed some security risks (ask a low-level NSA contractor for details)
- Bink removed!!! (The Cyan logo and the Yeesha intro movie will no longer play)

To download, simply start up your current MOULa client and let it download the new one.

For a full list and description of all the fixes, click here

NOTE: this fix will also "break" the images of your avatars that display on the login screen.  To fix them, head over here to download a program that will do just that (there's versions for both Windows and Mac). Read more

The Cleft and Below Live!

The Cleft and Below Live! (TCaB Live!) is a new story night that aims to bring new stories of the Cavern to the community. Join Esto and other fellow explorers as they rediscover the D'ni cavern and find new adventures in the city that breathes, every Friday at 23:00 KI Time in Kirel.

Visit their blog for more information.

D'ni Location: 
Date of the event: 
Repeats every week on September every Friday until Sun Sep 08 2013 .
June 7, 2013 - 23:00
Submitted by: 
Esto Centura
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Cyan Worlds Restores MOULa Account Creation

Some good news for those attempting to take their first steps into the cavern...or trying to regain control of their existing accounts.

Cyan Worlds, Inc., with the help of Mac[_Fife] of OpenUru.org, have restored the Account Creation and Password Reset systems!  As many probably noticed, both of those functions have been offline since late last month.  Since then, the company has been working when they can to restore these essential systems so new people can experience D'ni.

From Chogon's post:

Hi all,

The MOULa account creation and password reset is back ONLINE and ready for use (I see already several have created new accounts!).

Many thanks to Mac_Fife for allowing Cyan to use the account creation and password reset system that he wrote for OpenUru.org. And with his help I was able integrate it into the MOULa servers (which have a different account system).
And besides getting the account creation back online, we now have a more easily maintainable system than before.

Thanks for everyone's patience and support!


Many thanks to everyone that contributed to getting these crucial functions restored.  Welcome to all newcomers who have been trying to get in...and to those returning with recovered passwords!

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