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This Month in the Cavern - March/April 2013

It's time for our Monthly Column again, this time for March and the first part of April. This will cover the DMR Q&A event with Jack Wall, as well as the St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the Cavern. It also has a summary of the second Water Polo Game, the Cup consisting of five games in total.

(To be able to continue publishing this, we of course need the community's support! To report about events, news and what's happening in the Cavern.) Read more

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This Month in the Cavern - February/March 2013

A Note From The Guild

This is a test of a new feature for the online version of The Cavern Post, similar to "What Happened In..." written by Nev'yn for the former version of the magazine: a monthly column. Specifically, it will be an overview of the different events and things that have happened the past month down in the cavern. We would like to publish this the week after the monthly All Guilds Meeting, so in general, around the first half of a month.

This time, we'll be leaving the reporting up to you, the average explorer.  We'll need the community's support to report about events, news and what's happening in the cavern. In this case, no contributors, no column. It's as simple as that.

To kick this off, here's a brief account of some of the things that happened during February and  March 2013.


MOULa's Third Anniversary: We can't forget the fact that, at the start of this february, MOULa has been online for three years! Read more

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CavernTours: Explore the Ages of D'ni!

Shorah fellow cavern-dwellers and explorers from the surface!

Are you interested in learning more about the former inhabitants of the cavern and various the Ages in which they used to inhabit?

Well, Zeke and R'tayrtahn have come to the rescue! This duo are now offering weekly tours to expand your knowledge of the D'ni people and their culture. Places visited will vary each week, but here are just few examples:

  • Have a pint in the Watcher's sanctuary, with light snacks provided from the DRC cafeteria
  • Feed the rare and endangered fish of Kemo
  • Take a stroll through the ancient museum of Ae'gura
  • Tour the Guild of Caterer's complex on Teledahn
  •  And so many other locations to explore!

Tours will disembark from the main Ferry Terminal in Ae'gura every Tuesday night @ 22:00 KI time from now until May 7th.

A reception for interested explorers will held a half-hour before the scheduled departure times. Price of admission is free, but group seating of each tour may be limited. Travel to/from the surface is not included in the tour package.

R'tay and Zeke look forward to seeing you there!!!

D'ni Location: 
Ferry Terminal/Various D'ni Locations
Date of the event: 
Repeats every week every Tuesday until Thu May 09 2013 .
March 12, 2013 - 22:00
Submitted by: 
Zeke3651 & R'tay
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All Guilds Meeting - March 2013

We're charging right through this year at a crazy pace!  This month's All Guilds Meeting came and went and once again, there was much to talk about!  Check out the raw and cleansed chatlogs and see how things went.

Here's a summary of the meeting:

Guild of Writers

Hoikas took the time to guage interest in having a St. Patrick's Day parade in Gehn shard.  He also mentioned a few statistics about the GoW's shard as well as announcing that the next release, Gehn.15, is expected to be released March 9th, with some bug fixes, a new Tre'bivdil stained glass entry designed by Tweek and modeled for URU by Doobes, and a new Age for all to enjoy!


Mac and rarified gave an update on Minkata and dealings with Cyan.  rarified is catching up on some Foundry housekeeping, including compiling a new build of the shard's client, to get ready for new updates and fixes.  They're still in contact with Cyan about getting said additions into MOULa soon, reiterating the need for a healthy CAVCON meter to help things along.

Guild of Instructors Read more

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All Guilds Meeting - January 2013

Another month, another All Guilds Meeting. This time, Doobes was on a well-deserved vacation, so Lyrositor took over moderating duties for this month. As usual, both cleansed and raw logs are available for your viewing pleasures, as well as the customary summary of the event:

Christian Walther

Christian was our first speaker and summed up the recent series of events concerning the licensing problems with Bink, which interrupted the normal flow of development and testing. To be concise, a portion of Uru's code was discovered by RAD Game Tools (makers of the Bink video codec) to contain copyrighted code from their Software Development Kit (SDK). They demanded that the code be removed from all CWE repositories, an arduous task to say the least. Developers promptly began the process of rewriting repository history to remove these files. Most of the work has been acheived by now, fortunately, and only a few tasks remain, and H'uru has already resumed its normal development pace. Read more

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