City Bidding for Mysterium 2013 (And Beyond)

With Mysterium 2012 over, Falling Man Group starts looking forward to 2013.

Capella has become their new Chair!  She’s been around the community for ages and the group feels she’ll be a great asset.

On Myst's 20th anniversary and a possible Mysterium in Spokane:

"Because of [previous discussions and feedback], the FMG board felt that (especially in light of there being less space at Cyan now), Spokane & Cyan trips should be reserved for those times when Cyan has something to share, and can put its best face forward."

Despite this, FMG does not discourage anyone who would like to try to make a bid for Spokane anyway, including Cyan if they so choose.

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Falling Man Group

Wish You Were Here - Mysterium Paper People

Mysterium is almost upon us, and you know that that means...

"Squee blowers!"
"Quote book!"
"Person on a chair!!"

...well, yes... but that's not what I was talking about, silly peanut gallery. It is time to gather up Paper People!

For all you poor, deprived souls who won't be able to join us in person this year, please send us a picture of yourself, your Uru avvie, or some other reasonable 2 dimensional facimilie to info@mysterium.net so you can be with us in dead-tree spirit.

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Mysterium Hotel Update

Another Mysterium-related deadline is fast approaching!

The Falling Man Group has posted an announcement reminding everyone that Monday, July 2nd is the last day to book hotel rooms at the reduced group price. After that, you will only be able to book rooms at regular rates.

The information for the hotel where this year's Mysterium will be held is as follows:

Best Western Plus River’s Edge

15901 W Valley Highway, Tukwila, WA 98188-5530 

Phone: (425) 226-1812

Fax: (425) 255-7856

Toll Free Reservations: (800) 544-9863

If you have booked a hotel room already, then FMG has asked that you fill out this form.

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Mysterium: Convention Book Submissions Due!

 Shorah, fellow cavern-folk!

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that the final submission due date for the Mysterium 2012 Convention Book is today, Sat. June 23rd! Here's a quote from the FMG outlining just a few ideas of what they're looking for:

Falling Man Group wrote:

Do you have a great Myst fanfic or personal Uru exploration journal you want to share? Or perhaps painting or crafting is more your style. Whatever the medium, we want to feature your creations in this year’s Mysterium Convention Book!

So, if you haven't you contributed your own "personal touch" to this year's Mysterium, here's your last chance!

Please do so today, before the opportunity passes by for another year!!!

(Nevyn's Note: Full details on Mysterium Convention Book submission guidelines is available at the link below.)

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Mysterium: The Future

Shorah, fellow dwellers of the cavern!

Recently, taniith of the Falling Man Group as begun soliciting input on the future of Mysterium. Although this year's to be held August 3rd - 5th in Seattle is fast approaching, what to do for future Mysteriums (Mysteria?) is still in question. A special section of the Mysterium website has now been dedicated to soliciting input from the larger Myst/Uru community on how to handle Mysteriums in the future.

Here is just a sampling of the info being requested:

  • Where and how often should future Mysteriums be held?
  • How large/small should Mysterium events be in size?
  • Who is interested in being involved in the planning and running of future Mysteriums?
  • What style and structure should the planning teams of such future Mysteriums contain?

Although there is perhaps no perfect or "magical" answer to these questions, input from explorers is a vital part of the process at making this great event an even better experience for everyone. So, when you get a chance, please drop by the Mysterium site and let your voice heard!

Here's to the future of Mysterium...Seattle, Spokane, and beyond!!! 

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