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Mysterium: Convention Book Submissions Due!

 Shorah, fellow cavern-folk!

Just wanted to post a quick reminder that the final submission due date for the Mysterium 2012 Convention Book is today, Sat. June 23rd! Here's a quote from the FMG outlining just a few ideas of what they're looking for:

Falling Man Group schrieb:

Do you have a great Myst fanfic or personal Uru exploration journal you want to share? Or perhaps painting or crafting is more your style. Whatever the medium, we want to feature your creations in this year’s Mysterium Convention Book!

So, if you haven't you contributed your own "personal touch" to this year's Mysterium, here's your last chance!

Please do so today, before the opportunity passes by for another year!!!

(Nevyn's Note: Full details on Mysterium Convention Book submission guidelines is available at the link below.)

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Mysterium: The Future

Shorah, fellow dwellers of the cavern!

Recently, taniith of the Falling Man Group as begun soliciting input on the future of Mysterium. Although this year's to be held August 3rd - 5th in Seattle is fast approaching, what to do for future Mysteriums (Mysteria?) is still in question. A special section of the Mysterium website has now been dedicated to soliciting input from the larger Myst/Uru community on how to handle Mysteriums in the future.

Here is just a sampling of the info being requested:

  • Where and how often should future Mysteriums be held?
  • How large/small should Mysterium events be in size?
  • Who is interested in being involved in the planning and running of future Mysteriums?
  • What style and structure should the planning teams of such future Mysteriums contain?

Although there is perhaps no perfect or "magical" answer to these questions, input from explorers is a vital part of the process at making this great event an even better experience for everyone. So, when you get a chance, please drop by the Mysterium site and let your voice heard!

Here's to the future of Mysterium...Seattle, Spokane, and beyond!!! 

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Mysterium 2012 Registration is now open!

Mysterium 2012 is geting closer and yesterday the Falling Man Group has announced that registration is now open!

There are all kinds of registration types: going from $40 for the complete registration with t-shirt to $5-10 for single day registrations.

But registration is not the only thing that's been opened: all the contests and proposals are open and waiting for your contribution!

  • Logo contest: as usual, there is a contest for the official picture of Mysterium 2012
  • Presentations Submission: you can submit presentations, to display your work or discuss of something with the Mysterium attendees
  • Con-book Material: this year we will see the return of the con-book, you can submit material for it (articles, stories, pictures, etc)
  • Create An Activity Contest: do you want to suggest an annual activity for Mysterium (such as the "What Would Atrus Do?")? This is your chance to become part of the history of the Myst community!


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Mysterium 2012 - Dates!

Greetings Once Again!

It is December 1st (just barely, but more on that later), and as promised we have news! So let’s get to it.

First off, the new site. The wonderful Tanshin designed a snazzy new site which the overworked OHB is frantically trying to get working as we speak (which is why this is going out so late). That won’t be out till tomorrow though, but trust me: it looks sweet.

Next up, what many people have been asking, “When is Mysterium 2012?” Based on feedback from the survey (most of which you can still answer by the way), Mysterium will be held on the first weekend of August in Seattle, WA. That is, August 3-5 2012. So start requesting time off and such if you need to do so (we hear if you live in Australia, you need to buy tickets for these things last week o_o).

In the hopes of making it easier for people to plan ahead, the first weekend in August will henceforth be the official Mysterium weekend. So go ahead and set a recurring event on your Google Calendar, because it ‘aint going nowhere.

In other news, Falling Man Group is in need of an official logo! This isn’t a contest (like the Mysterium logos), but if you are a graphic designer and have an idea for a logo, shoot us an email at info@fallingmangroup.org. We may even be able to swing some compensation for your time (but no promises just yet). Read more

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Mysterium 2012: Vote Today & Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Wondering what exciting things await Myst fans at the next Mysterium? Have you ever wanted to help decide the future of this premere event?

Well, that day is NOW!

Falling Man Group is now seeking input from the cavern's explorers on how to make this great event even better. At the link below you can sign up to receive additional information about the event and here you can take a quick survey to voice your opinion.

More info will be be released on Dec. 1st...So stay tuned for more details!!!

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