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Mysterium 2012: Vote Today & Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Wondering what exciting things await Myst fans at the next Mysterium? Have you ever wanted to help decide the future of this premere event?

Well, that day is NOW!

Falling Man Group is now seeking input from the cavern's explorers on how to make this great event even better. At the link below you can sign up to receive additional information about the event and here you can take a quick survey to voice your opinion.

More info will be be released on Dec. 1st...So stay tuned for more details!!!

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Have a Question for Rand?

Good news everybody! This year during Mysterium there will be a live video interview with Rand Miller. We are accepting questions from anybody in the community who has something worth asking. While we will take questions that come up during the interview, any questions you have now should be submitted here so we can be prepared. Even if you are going to be at Mysterium, please submit your question in advance. You will be able to ask it to Rand so don't worry.

The interview will happen on August 3rd at 11:30 AM EST (for more details see the schedule). If you are not attending, do not fret because the interview will be broadcast live on our video stream.

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Important Mysterium Updates and Date Changes

There have been several important updates to Mysterium dates including registration, t-shirt orders, hotel reservations, and more. Also, there is a vital procedure that needs to be done if you are planning to stay at the hotel for nights outside of the 5th and 6th. The steps are detailed in the update post.

Other important things to note:

- Presentation submissions (including displays, performances, large presentations, etc) are currently due by July 3rd. Details on presentations can be found here.

- PaperPeople submissions have opened. If you are not able to come to the event but would like to be there in paper form, see the section of the update post for instructions.

- The Room and Ride Share board has opened here.

All of these updates can be found here.

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Mysterium Logos, Shirts, and Free Registration!

Our logo has been chosen! Congratulations to Paul Veloz for creating it. It will be displayed prominently on the back of our t-shirts, which are now available for pre-order as well. You can check out the logo and t-shirt pricing here.

Not exciting enough? How about this: The dA Myst Fanclub has graciously offered to sponsor a weekend registration and a day pass and we will be giving these out in contest form. All you have to do is reply to this announcement post in the next 48 hours to enter.

-The Committee

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Mysterium 2011 - Registration

Are you ready for it? Here it comes...

Registration is open! The hotel is standing by! Go Go Go!

*cough* That is to say, check out our latest post for information on registration, hotel booking, hats, and more.

To the honor of our tubers,

The Mysterium Comittee

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