September 2010

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URU Localization Project

Do you speak English? Do you also speak another language?

My name OHB, and I want to recruit you for the URU Localization Project (ULP)!

Our goal is to translate the content and interface of Myst Online: URU Live into as many language as possible. One day we hope to release language packs so those who don't speak English can fully enjoy the experience of being in D'ni. Language packs also be released for the offline version of URU.

Every day we see an increasing number of visitors to the cavern from other countries who speak little or no English. With each language into which URU is translated, new worlds open for new players. Not only will the URU community grow, but it will be enriched by the diverse cultures participating.

Cyan Worlds is aware of this project - a representative called it "very interesting and something that is needed".

Please check out the site and use the Guest access link to look inside and see how it works.

But, we need your help. Even if translating isn't your thing - you can still help by reviewing the translations submitted by others and voting for those that meet expectations. Please join us!

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Chrissifniotis seeking help for Myst Project on Wii console

Chrissifniotis is making a Myst inspired project on Wii Consoles and is seeking help for the Myst Community Read more

Guild of Peasants Meeting

Everyone is invited to the Guild of Peasants meeting that will be held every Saturday at 15:00 KI time (3PM MST, 5PM EST) except when it comes in conflict with the Guilds Fair in Kirel, in which the Guild will be there to show its full support.  Contact ShadeTree, fallcer37, or any other Guild members for location and other meeting changes or details.  Unfortunately, the founder of the Guild, White Knight, will not be able to attend any meetings until further notice.  See this post for more information. 

The Guild of Peasants' mission is to strengthen and support all other groups, events, and activities of the Cavern, in order to make the Uru Community better for all.  This is done under the philosophy that since a community of any kind is only as good as its people (its "peasants"), improvement of the quality of the people will make a better community overall.  Visit the Guild's website, read the fiction novel that many consider to be the Guild's unofficial "manual", Light of Ar, and come discuss the various ins-and-outs of the Life Level System so we can make every group in Uru, as well as the entire Uru Community, better for everyone.  

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D'ni Location: 
(Contact a Guild Member for More Information)
Date of the event: 
Repeats every week on the second Saturday and on the third Saturday and on the fourth Saturday and on the fifth Saturday until Sat Dec 25 2010 .
September 11, 2010 - 15:00 - 16:30
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OHB's Arch-Nemesis' Bomb Prototype Discovered!

After my Arch-Nemesis went a bit nuts and detained me during the whole bomb thing (GoMe article), I decided to try and track him down.

Well, as luck would have it - I've stumbled upon a lead! I've found his neighborhood! The place is a mess...junk scattered all over the place...and a box of donuts in the auditorium. Anyway, most amazingly I found one of the prototypes of the very bomb that gave us that scare a couple of months ago!

Now, don't worry...I checked it over THOROUGHLY and have determined that a) there is no explosive charge and b) it lacks any kind of proximity sensors. I was able to walk right up to it and it had no idea I was standing there. But when I touched it - well, it didn't like that very much. It yelled at me. Very disconcerting!

I haven't tried it myself - but the codes used to deactivate the bomb back in Ae'gura should also work on this prototype. However, I have a feeling that it might just start counting over again. I think this prototype is in some sort of debug-mode that keeps it in a loop.

Anyway, with a few swift kicks to the nexus, I managed to get the neighborhood listed there. So everyone can visit now. I guess my Arch-Nemesis will have to find a new lair!

I'll leave the bomb running there for a while. It's kinda fun playing with a bomb you know can't explode. Enjoy!!!

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