September 2008

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Topside 3: Still MORE Waiting

The Cavern Today is proud to present to you Topside 3: Still MORE Waiting. In this episode we see the results of J'Nathus' piano exploits; have the latest in community news; discuss the repercussions and befits to Uru Lore reboot in TCT Talk; and have the latest thought from our very own Mowog. So if you are like us; sit back relax; and prepare for yet still MORE waiting.

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Myst Movie update

Rand Miller is completely blown away about the script Myst Movie.

“Rand informs the Mysteriacs that he has read the script and is completely blown away. After stating that he “absolutely loves it”, he goes on to say that the option for the rights to Myst are now being offered to us free of charge. We will now have the exclusive right to develop and shop a film project derived from the Myst franchise. This decision transforms Project Passage from a project endorsed by Cyan Worlds to the “Official Myst Film”. Rand pledges Cyan’s full support and backing as we move ahead”.

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Myst released 15 years ago

Myst, once considered the best selling video game of all time (until displaced by The Sims), was released on the 24th of September, 15 years ago.

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gamesindustry.biz article

GamesIndustry.biz has posted an article regarding the recent Austin Game Developers Conference panel, "The World that Players Wouldn't Let Die," which took place on Tuesday September 16th. In attendance at that panel: Rand Miller (Cyan), Blake Lewin (GameTap), Ron Meiners & Celia Pearce (Virtual Cultures), and Eleri Hamliton (well-known Uru community member).

The article provides some choice quotes from Rand Miller, including: Rand Miller wrote: "It’s frankly cheaper to build a treadmill than a national park. We were building a national park".

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September 2008 Newsletter

Thanks to the feedback we received regarding the future of the Newsletter, several changes have been made to reflect the wishes of the community. The GoMe Newsletter has been expanded into the GoMe Newspaper. We concentrated the news onto the front pages, included a comic strip, a monthly column from the Guild of Archivists, and added more articles of interest. So without further ado may we presented the all new, and with a little bit of the old, GoMe September Newspaper which is now ready to download, in PDF format.

After reading the Newspaper, write back and tell us which articles are your favorites. General comments about the Newspaper are welcomed also.
It's only through your responses that the GoMe Newspaper will better fit your needs, so please do not hesitate to let us know."

Also can we remind folks about our free Newspaper subscription service? It is easy, just click here, sign up and receive your next copy, direct into your Inbox, KI numbers not required.

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Party in There

The new hood begun by the GoMa and then built by the Uru-There Community on Aurora Island, Eder Devokan, has just been honoured with a WOW award for community development from the There NCD player group (a group in There that aims to support player communities). The award is going to be presented to the hood on Wednesday 17th September, probably at about 7 pm PDT.

To cater for the different timezones in the hood (from Germany to the Pacific), they are having a joint celebration on Sunday 28th September, starting at 8 pm UK time, when they'll be joined by The Meeting Place folks as part of their regular funday gathering. Everyone welcome!

To reach Eder Devokan in game, you can visit the Stargate Teleport system, there you'll find the direct link to teleport you.

Two slide shows have been made for this event: Eder Devokan (Long, with spoilers) Eder Devokan (Short, no spoilers)

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