Cavern Criers: KI Mails

Here you can find the KImails the Cavern Criers distribute in the Cavern. This is used as a backup archive in case any KImail gets edited.

KI Mail: Cavern Criers – Ki Mails Distributed

A. Recurring Cavern Events: A list of upcoming events happening in the cavern.

B. Special Edition: These are special “features” about events and news within the cavern.

C. Guild of Messengers Info: A short essay explaining GoMe and what it does within the URU/Myst Community, plus a listing of open jobs within the guild.
* About the GoMe
* Open Jobs in the Guild

D. D’ni History & Language: 2 KI pictures to learn D’ni numbers and language, plus a list of useful D’ni phrases.
* DLF Handouts
* Common Useful D’ni Phrases

E. Special Topics: Handy information about Cyan Worlds, the CAVCON Meter, and how to cope with problem explorers.
* About Cyan Worlds
* CAVCON Meter
* Handling Problem Explorers

F. Community Projects: Group projects of interest to the entire Uru/Myst Community
* URU Localization Project / (GULP): Tear down Language barriers!

G. KI Device: Useful information of how to use the KI, plus Emotes and other helpful commands.
* Basic Info
* Control Window
* Action Commands & Emotes
* Gestures & Other KI Commands

| ~Guild of Messengers, Serving The Community~ |

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