Releases Minkata #100!

It’s been a while, but the Minkata shard has been updated by!

Changes new to Build 100:

    • [Mac Fife] Change to password hashing
      Precursor to restoring account creation. Remove conditional on email domain for password hashing. This is only a client modification needed to interface to new code being worked on to reenable Account Creation on MO:ULa.
    • [Christian Walther] Fix Client crash/hang for HTTP
      This fixes situations where the client would crash or hang if the server providing the status message is not responding when the game is started.
    • [rarified] Repair Descent Age
      Fixed the database corruption preventing an Avatar from successfully linking into Descent, particularly affected new Avatars.

If you already have installed the Minkata client, just run the launcher as usual and it will update any files on your machine that require updates. If you have not installed the Minkata client and are interested in testing, visit the Foundry and follow the instructions about accessing the testing shard.

This build is yet another increment to Build 82, which had not yet been installed on the MO:ULa servers. But there is a rumor circulating that a time window for sending an update to Cyan may open soon™ so it will be helpful to get as much testing time in on this latest build as soon as we can.

For more details about the changes appearing in this update, further info and discussion about Minkata #100, visit the OU forum thread.

Keep checking back here for more open source shard news!

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