All Guilds Meeting – March 2017

Spring is slowly appearing at the horizon, and at the March All Guilds Meeting, among other things, two big parties were announced. For those who were unable to attend, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs ready, along with the usual summary:

International Women’s Day Party

AlanD was first, to present the International Women’s Day celebrations on Wednesday 8th, starting at 13:00 KI time in the Ae’gura Plaza, hosted by Hummingbird and companions who will chat about significant women and their accomplishments. For more details, see the event post.

Radio Free D’ni

AlanD also reminded the crowd that the Radio Free D’ni 62nd show, No Fillers, will be on Sunday 5th at 13:00 KI time, in the Ae’gura Plaza. For more info, see the MOULa forums thread.

St. Patrick’s Day

Snickuster joined AlanD on stage to announce the annual St. Patrick’s parades on Friday 17th, the first at 11:00 KI time from the Ae’gura Plaza and the second at 19:00 KI time from the Ferry Terminal, with a party at The Greeters’ Pub in between the two. She was also looking for two leaders, one per parade; PM her if you are interested, but only if you are 100% sure you can make it. For more details, see the event post.

Updates from Cyan

Max was next, to relay some news from Cyan regarding accounts creation, the CavCon status and their plans for the future of the Cavern. A solution to reactivate accounts creation is in the works, but requires some coding, so they’ll implement it when they’ll be able to.
Regarding the CavCon, either RAWA or Chogon (or someone else) will look into updating its status as soon as possible. The Gateway Project and fan made content were also mentioned, as something they are looking forward to add to the Cavern. More updates from Cyan will come in time on the MOULa forums.

rarified followed, for a quick update on the Minkata shard(s) status. They are very close to have the ‘beta’ server up and running (which will be accessible with existing installations, albeit with a different login process). The plan is to have the New GoMe Pub by Doobes as the first fan Age tested, first by a few selected testers then by anyone else. Access to the New GoMe Pub will (at least initially) require using an internal client console. For more info, see the OU forums thread.

Karel’s Music Programs

Karel closed the speaker session announcing a new monthly show, the Tuesday Folk Club, starting on Tuesday 7th at 13:00 KI time in the UruTunes’ Hood; a collection of English style folk music with tracks featuring Steelye Span, Fairport Convention and other bands, including some more local groups.

Additionally, the next Music from the Ages session will be on Sunday 12th at 13:00 KI time in the DRC (1059) Bevin as usual. The theme will be The A-Z of Ages (Part One), featuring Ages from the Myst games, books and from Uru Live.

The stream for both programs can be found at UruTunes.

And that was all for this month! Don’t forget to donate to keep the Cavern open! The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for April, Saturday 1st (not a joke!) at 13:00 KI time.

See you next time!

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