MO:ULa’s 7th Anniversary Celebrations

February is an important month in the Myst/Uru community, as quite a few important events happened there:

  • 4th — Both Prologue’s and Gametap MO:UL’s closure were announced,
    Laxman posted about Activity in the Cavern, and the Gehn Shard opened;
  • 5th — Untíl Uru closed;
  • 8th — The current incarnation of MO:UL opened;
  • 9th — Prologue closed;
  • 15th — Both D’mala and Gametap MO:UL opened.

(See this post for more dates)

February 4th has thus became known as Uru Day, and is the start of a celebration week with many events and gatherings planned, including the shards! To know what is happening when, check the MOULa forum post, or our calendar.

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