All Guilds Meeting – January 2017

Boldly we enter the new year, as the first All Guilds Meeting of 2017 had many speakers with promising news! For those that were unable to attend, we have the raw and cleansed chatlogs ready, along with the usual summary:

MystiTech Productions

Joanne Fisher (Production Manager) and Kayara (German subtitles) updated the crowd about The Lost Art machinima series (you can see the Prologue here). Episodes 2 and 3 are finished, with 4 and 5 on their way, but Episode 1 is not finished yet. Season 2 is also in the making. They are working hard, but could use more volunteers, avatar actors especially. Those interested should email them at enquiries(at)

Cavern Tours

Zeke365 reminded the crowd that the Cavern Tours will return on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (starting on the 13th) at 22:00 KI time, with repeats on the 2nd and 4th Saturday at 13:00 KI time. For more details, see the event post.

Cavern Stories

Zeke365 also announced the return of the Cavern Stories, in which various works of Myst/URU-related fiction written by fans will be read over voice chat. They will start on January 19th at 17:00 KI time in either the Cavern Events’ Hood or the Shorah gah Bigtotee’s Hood. For more details, see the event post.

Secrets of C.O.D. Game-Race

Lastly, Zeke365 had an annuncement on behalf of the Guild of Wizards: they are organizing a game-event in The Open Cave shard on Saturday, January 14th at 12:00 KI time, in the City of Dimensions (use the /cod command from your Relto). For more info, see the event post.

D’ni Language 101/201

shokhootahn Rehn (a.k.a. r’Tayrtahn) thanked the participants to the recent D’ni 101 classes and said he will announce the 201 classes once the last exams will have been turned in. The next round of the 101 classes will begin on February 1st at 22:00 KI time in the Guild of Instructors’ Hood. For more details, see the event post.

Tsahno’s Story Nights

Rehn also reminded the crowd about the ongoing Story Nights in Tsahno’s Hood. The story of the Fall of D’ni will continue for the next 3 weeks, but he will also read an excerpt from a fan fiction story written by Omiahn. The gathering is at the fountain starting at about 23:00 KI time; the stories are told using voice chat so you will need to have your speakers on. For more details, see the event post.

Minkata shard

It’s been a long time, but rarified was finally able to announce that he managed to repair a database problem on the Minkata shard without wiping its vault, so once again it can be used to test and push updates back into the Cyan servers! Once the pipeline will be back in place, he will push Build 88, which has a few usability updates, to Cyan. For more details, see the OpenUru forums thread.
He will then look into a fan content pipeline; according to rarified, the first priority is reviving the Fan Nexus hub for accessing fan Ages. Also on the To-Do list is moving the official client code closer to the Guild of Writers H’uru client. For more info, see the OpenUru forums thread.

Korman 0.05

After a long absence, Hoikas was back to present the latest update of Korman, the Guild of Writers Age exportation plugin for Blender (more details in the event post). He also mentioned (but didn’t reveal!) exciting updates coming in the next update, including the compatibility with 64-bit Blender and the ability to make swimmable bodies of water. He also mentioned a ‘something’ to help Age testing in MOULa, coming Soon™.

The Ages of Doobes

Doobes stopped by to give a few updates on all the things he is working on. Tsahvahn Veelay, the Memorial Age, is almost ready and will possibly be released sometime in February, on the Gehn shard, The Open Cave and offline Uru.
Stan’s Oasis, on the contrary, will not be finished: the station itself and immediate surrounding area will be completed for filming purposes for MystiTech Productions, but as he lost contact with the person who brought the idea in the first place, he see no point in continuing it.
Sometime this year he also plans on releasing the waystation, or Kotsahvosahn, the first of a series of three locations that together will form a new ‘Journey’. This is also related to his side-project, The Book of Lothias.
Related to the OpenUru news, he mentioned his latest project, a Fan Library Age which will properly accomodate Books that link to the Cavern and other Ages within the set Linking rules. The Library is intended to hopefully open the fan content bottleneck and as an alternative for those who prefer physical Books to the Nexus machine.
He then mentioned his plans to attend the 2017 Mysterium (scheduled to be held in Orlando, Florida on August 4th–6th) and make a live demonstration of Korman! If his schedule allows, Hoikas might be present too.

Lastly, Doobes made a call to action: 2016 was the year of Obduction and a fair success for Cyan. The Minkata shard is back to function as the final testing ground before implementing stuff into Uru Live itself. Fan-made clothings already appeared there, so Cyan is certainly open to fan content. 2017 could be the year the Myst/Uru fans have been waiting so long. So let’s push the CavCon to 5!

Explorer Info Session

Korov’ev made a quick announcement about an upcoming (New) Explorer Info Session tentatively planned for February 4th. More info will be posted soon, both here and in the MOULa forums thread.


Hummingbird had some last-minute updates about Richard A. ‘RAWA’ Watson (Cyan programmer and D’ni historian), who is doing well, though still recovering from his brain tumor surgery.

And that was all for this month! Don’t forget to donate to keep the Cavern open! The next All Guilds Meeting is planned for February, Saturday 4th at 13:00 KI time.

See you next time!

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